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πŸš€ Mission

Accord is founded on the idea that collaboration and building better relationships lead to ideal outcomes and happier people. We are building a customer-facing workspace to drive alignment, engagement, and consistency during your sales & onboarding process for B2B sellers. We are building Accord for revenue leaders, founders, and AEs/CSMs who need to quickly reach growing revenue targets and who value building real relationships and partnerships with their customers.

Although our culture is constantly evolving, we hope this gives you a peek into what it means to be an Accordion. Some more background:

  • We were founded by early Stripe, LinkedIn, & Google Cloud leaders & recently funded by Stripe & YC with a $6M Seed round (details in TechCrunch & Business Insider)
  • Customers already include Figma, Okta,, Productboard, VeryGoodSecurity, Stripe, MongoDB, Alteryx, and other modern sales orgs.
  • We're fully remote and looking for fellow passionate problem solvers to join our growing crew!

πŸ’₯ Values

Our core values are a reflection of Accord's vision and mission. They drive our day-to-day interactions and how we work together.

  • Everyone is a product person - we want everyone at the company to be invested in our product & gravitate to product-minded people. There are no bad ideas!
  • 10/10 - we believe the last 10% makes all the difference. Holding a high bar is what makes us successful.
  • Radical collaboration - being a remote team, collaboration is even more important. We want folks to be supported and get lots of input before making decisions.
  • Integrity - we want to trust our teammates to make the right decisions when no one is watching.

β˜€οΈ Benefits & Perks

  • 401K
  • Work from anywhere
  • Unlimited vacation, but also we have 8 company-wide “recharge days” where Accord will be closed. We find it is much easier to relax when everyone else is relaxing with you.
  • $1,000 / year WFH Stipend
  • 2x / year trips to a new city to meet up as a company
  • Competitive benefits for both USA & Canada
  • Healthy options packages

πŸ† Team

40% of our leadership roles are held by women.

🏒 Where we work

Today, we are a fully remote team of 14 in the US and Canada and we plan to double this year.

✏️ Interview process

We are a small company and one of our superpowers is to move fast. Our process is usually 6-8 calls or zoom meetings and we can get through the whole thing in a week if the candidate wants to move fast. The application review process takes a day tops.

If rejected, we reach out to all candidates. If you have made it through the entire process, we typically give those candidates a call with some feedback from the team.

πŸ“ˆ Career growth

Everyone has a once-a-year review where their performance is evaluated by their manager & peers. We also encourage all managers to have an advisor in their field, help folks find those advisors & pay advisors for their time.

πŸ–– Work / life balance

We pride ourselves on our work/life balance. Leaders at Accord know that running a Seed stage company is a marathon, not a sprint and that our employees need balance to be successful.

It is very rare that we work during nights or weekends, but it is important to note that folks can set their own schedules. We are fully remote, so we try to overlap 8a-12p PT daily, but outside of those hours it is up to you to get your work done.

We also have no meetings Tu/Th after 10a PT.

✨ Work style

As a remote-first company (even before the pandemic), we've adopted the mindset to be asynchronous by default. Documentation and writing are our best tools for clear and concise communication. We approach all collaboration as if it will be asynchronous. This means writing and documenting things so that other Accordions can understand the situation or problem "offline". This makes real-time collaboration that much more powerful and enjoyable.

We also have social contracts, which are documents everyone writes with their preferences on how they work. It includes lines like “My typical hours are” and “What are the things that make me feel respected and valued.” Three times a week the entire company gets together for shout-outs, company updates & to take some time to just catch up.

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