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🚀 Mission

adyn is a precision medicine company whose flagship product is the first test designed to prevent birth control side effects. Our work closes gaps created by decades of unequal access to medical research and healthcare. Our people practices (including hiring, compensation, and celebration) are similarly designed to close gaps in equity due to historical biases around gender, race, national origin or ancestry, socioeconomic status, age, LGBTQ+ identity, religion, conviction history, disability, neurodiversity, and genetic information.

Mission: adyn is on a mission to make scientific discovery more inclusive so everyone can live their healthiest life

💥 Values

We are driven by our 6 values:

  • Powered by data. We make informed decisions based on rigorous science leading to medically actionable results. Our endless curiosity is only satiated by lots and lots of unbiased high-quality data.
  • Equally scientific and rebellious. We are as demanding in our quest to serve the underserved as we are exact in our science. Our work closes existing research gaps created by decades of unequal access to medical research and healthcare due to gender, race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, LGBTQ+ identity, and geography.
  • Thoughtful. We consider the smallest details and the largest human impacts of our work. Taking time to listen and evaluate input, we don’t rush what matters.
  • Celebrating unique strength. We not only recognize our differences, but celebrate and learn from them. Our unique qualities powerfully inform our approach to each other, our work, our way of life, and our health.
  • Proactive. We empower individuals with their own biological data to make informed decisions about their healthcare. In the pursuit of radical self-knowledge we are pushing the standard of healthcare from reactive to proactive.
  • Collaborative. Together, we examine problems, find solutions, and innovate quickly. By mobilizing multiple perspectives, experiences, and expertise we build trust with our patients and ourselves.

Diversity (representation of unique POVs), Equity (access, resources, opportunities) and Inclusion (hospitality, grace, celebration) are woven throughout our systems and practices. We continue to refine our practices and debias our systems as they scale.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Equitable compensation: We’ve eliminated salary negotiation to help eliminate the pay gap.
  • Exercise stipend: Endorphins for all!
  • Independent study: We support various mission aligned learning/research endeavors.
  • Health care: We can’t deliver a new standard of care if you are not well cared for. We proudly cover 100% of your healthcare, dental, and vision premiums.
  • Feast time: While circumstances may have us working from separate locations, we will still share food on festive occasions.
  • Self scheduling: We trust you to manage your time, communicate with your team, and deliver your best work while living your best life.
  • Work from anywhere: adyn is a fully distributed team. If you’re most productive poolside in Palm Springs or perched on a mountain top in Montana - we like that place for you!
  • Workstation allowance: A chair, a plant, a pomodoro timer - we provide tools to work with comfort and ease.

🏆 Team

We are a team of 4 currently and we will likely add 3 more FTE by the end of the year.

Our CEO is @ElizabethRuzzo. 2 of 4 other positions are currently held by women. The team is small but we think of these as leadership roles and they will each grow a team to support their function as we scale.

✏️ Interview process

Our interview process is structured providing each candidate an equal opportunity to demonstrate potential impact. We build a rubric for each role and use it through the candidate life cycle - initially to screen resumes prior to the interview stage. Throughout the interview process, candidates are asked a standardized set of questions. These questions are mapped to the same rubric assessing specific skill sets and softer indicators of potential performance. You meet everyone you will be working with during the interview process. Ask us as many questions as we ask you! (We promise the conversation will be much more interesting than that process sounds.)

📈 Career growth

Since we’re so new, we haven’t needed to build out our performance evaluation mechanisms yet. However, the rubrics we built to debias our resume and candidate screening processes scale beautifully into similarly debiased performance evaluation tools. We are also likely to implement 360 reviews.

🖖 Work / life balance

We are a fully distributed and self scheduled team. We are ambitious and excited about what we’re building at this early stage. In order to make the biggest impact advancing healthcare equity we know we must prioritize our own care. We encourage each other to find the balance needed to deliver our best work.

✨ Work style

We’re at a very exciting, early stage. The team is small. The founder is female. We collaborate and consider all voices on the team. We’re ambitious and enjoying our work. We are propelled by the potential scale of our impact.

We bond over brainstorms, snack breaks, and making memes. (None of us actually make memes.)

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