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🚀 Mission

Airplane is building a developer platform for internal tools. We enable faster creation of business software.

Today, core processes across ops, support, and eng are often dependent on or glued together by scripts, manual tickets, and other hacks. Airplane makes it easy to productionize code-heavy operations by automating the necessary boilerplate (e.g. UIs, workflows, permissions, notifications) so engineers can focus on the business-specific aspects.

Ultimately, Airplane is assembling a cloud platform for building a wide range of internal systems. We’re starting with “functions” (tasks and workflows) but adding in user interfaces, datastores, marketplaces, and more over time. We believe what we’re building will become the internal platform that every SaaS, fintech, and general software company uses to support their production systems.

💥 Values

  • Growth mindset - slope over intercept
  • Pride in quality and polish, yet focus on launching fast and iterating
  • Kindness and collaboration

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Remote first
  • 99% healthcare coverage
  • 401(k)
  • Unlimited vacation
  • Relocation assistance
  • U.S. Visa support

🏆 Team

The team is 11 in total. We plan to double over the next year.

🏢 Where we work

We have offices in San Francisco and New York, but we're distributed around the world and remote-first.

✏️ Interview process

  • Candidates can expect a response from us within 2 days of applying, usually 1 day.
  • Candidates will typically do a screen with one of the founders, plus a role-specific screen (e.g. a technical interview for engineering roles).
  • We then run an on-site process split into two stages, typically lasting no more than 6 hours total.
  • Candidates should expect a decision from us by phone or email within 2 days of interviewing, usually a few hours.

📈 Career growth

You’ll have weekly 1:1s with your manager, and we encourage feedback between you and your manager plus you and your peers.

We do annual performance reviews right now and are considering more formal quarterly/month reviews once we’re larger.

🖖 Work / life balance

We work hard but sustainably. We’re not a “9 to 5” company, but we’re also cognizant of burnout and optimizing for a productive team over a multi-year horizon. Hours vary - some of us prefer stricter hours like 9am-6pm, while others might do 10am-6pm, go for a run in the middle, and wrap up some work at night. Work extends into weekends occasionally, usually driven by playing around with a side project rather than business deadlines.

✨ Work style

We’re a remote-friendly team but also highly synchronous, as we believe highly synchronous, collaborative environments are how we build and iterate quickly at this stage. We use Slack for normal communication, but we’ll also jump onto calls / Zooms for higher fidelity conversations. We use Figma and Excalidraw to whiteboard with each other and Slab heavily for documentation and technical proposals.

We’ll also do virtual team bonding events twice a month.

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