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🚀 Mission

We're an AI company, building powerful models for developers, startups, and enterprises - and exposing those models through simple APIs and good docs.

We're focused on making advanced Deep Learning technology accessible to everyday developers through a simple API and a great developer experience. Gone are the days when only large enterprise companies could afford or acquire advanced AI technology.

Today, we focus on Speech - researching and building advanced models for automatic transcription and automatic understanding of audio data. Customers use our APIs for an amazingly diverse set of use cases - from basic automatic transcription to content moderation of audio/video data, to full-blown conversational intelligence applications. We've been growing at break-neck speed, and are already processing millions of audio files with our APIs every single day.

We have our roots in San Francisco and are now a remote team all over the world including top AI researchers with 20+ years of experience in Machine Learning, Speech Recognition, and NLP from places like DeepMind, Google Brain, Meta, Apple, Amazon, and Cisco.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive Salary: Even though we're a startup, we invest in our people first, and offer competitive salaries across all roles.
  • Equity: Startups are hard, and we want our team members to have skin in the game. As an early employee for a fast-growing startup, you'll receive a generous equity grant.
  • 100% Remote team: We want to hire the best people at AssemblyAI, regardless of location. Our remote-first culture allows employees to work from anywhere in the world autonomously.
  • Unlimited PTO: We offer a flexible PTO policy and encourage our employees to take time off when necessary to recharge and prevent burnout.
  • Premium Healthcare (100% Covered): We offer premium healthcare plans that are 100% covered for you and your family, which employees are eligible for on their first day.
  • Vision & Dental Care
  • Home Office Stipend: $1,000/year stipend to improve your home office however you'd like. We want to make sure you're set up to do your best work.
  • New Macbook Pro (or PC if you prefer)
  • Company-paid team retreats: We have team retreats 2-3 times per year in amazing locations to get to know one another in person, collaborate, and bond as a team.
  • Flexible Schedule: Strong teams are built on mutual trust and accountability. We want to set up our team for success, and believe in giving our employees ownership over their work and schedules to operate at their highest potential.
  • In progress: Maternity / Paternity Leave Policy currently in progress, 401k in progress (will be active in 6 weeks w/ no match, and should have matching by end of 2022)

🏆 Team

We're a globally distributed team of 58 and plan to double over the next year.

🏢 Where we work

We're a globally distributed team.

✏️ Interview process


When you apply for a role at AssemblyAI, the application goes into our applicant tracking system.


The application is evaluated by a recruiter and moved forward to a hiring manager within 7 days if the demonstrated skills and experience match the requirements for the role.

Recruiter Screen:

If you’re a good fit for the role, a Recruiter will reach out with a link to their Calendly to set up a time to connect with you. During this call, the recruiter will learn more about your background, your skillset, and your motivations for your next opportunity. After the screen, you will receive an update within 1 week on your application status.

1st Team Interview:

If your background is a good fit with the role, your Recruiter will schedule 30 minutes for you to chat with the hiring manager. Here you'll be asked questions that dig into your relevant experience for this role, and you'll have a chance to learn more about the day-to-day responsibilities / expectations for the role to see if it’s a good fit. After this interview, you will receive an update within 1 week on your application status.

Skills Assessment:

After speaking with the hiring manager, you'll go through a skills interview with the hiring team. Typically this interview is done over a Zoom video call (live coding session) or a take-home exercise depending on the role you are applying for. This is a practical evaluation to see if you have the relevant skills to succeed in the role. After this interview, you will receive an update within 1 week on your application status.

Final Interview:

Once you’ve passed the skills assessment, we will have you meet with a few other members of the team before a final decision is made. This is a more casual interview to get to know potential members of your team and ask any additional questions you may have about the role. After this interview, you will receive an update within 1 week on your application status.

Final Decision:

After the final interview, we evaluate each candidate who made it to this stage, and the hiring team makes a decision. We will also request references at this stage before moving forward with an offer.


Once references are complete, we'll make an offer to you including details about salary, benefits, equity, and other relevant compensation details. Once the offer is accepted, we’ll provide you with a laptop and everything you need to prepare you for your first day!

🖖 Work / life balance

We think being able to recharge, get perspective, and unplug is super important. Even though we’re a startup, there’s no expectation to be plugged in and working non-stop. Rather, we view things as a rubber band - sometimes there will be weeks where everyone is working very hard and long hours towards a big goal, product launch, etc - but other weeks will be less intense/busy, and we encourage our team members to take breaks during these less busy periods.

✨ Work style

Our company culture is super collaborative, low-ego, transparent, and fast-paced. We want to win - and have a flat organization where everyone can openly share ideas (regardless of their title/position) in order to get the best idea. As a remote company, most of our communication is over Slack and Zoom, and team members are given a lot of trust and autonomy to work where and how they want.

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