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🚀 Mission

Canopy is a remote-first, Series A startup that allows fintechs, banks, credit unions, and brands to build and launch better debit, credit, and lending products. Canopy’s API-first and low-code solution helps companies launch and sustain new financial products. We support installment lending programs, revolving lending programs (credit cards, charge cards, lines of credit), and even more unique, customizable programs (such as multi-advance or MCA programs). Check out our documentation at

Mission: To enable organizations to launch personalized, transparent, and safer credit and lending products and to support those products with world-class servicing in a secure and compliant way.

Vision: To empower people and organizations to reach their full potential with personal, transparent, and safer financing.

💥 Values

  • Always Learning: We can all do better. We strive to improve without getting defensive. As we grow, we “give away our legos” and empower teammates with ownership and responsibility.
  • Scientific: The important thing is to begin, get feedback, and iterate. We define a problem, hypothesize a cause or solution, and conduct experiments to test each hypothesis.
  • Empathetic: We think about how the actions we take affect our clients and their customers. We check in on teammates and make room for different or contrasting viewpoints.
  • Open, transparent, kind: We hold that it is better to be awkward and honest about our mistakes, and to give and receive empathy, rather than taking another course. We strive to be open, even redundant.
  • Celebratory: Creativity is our fuel. One of the biggest ways we replenish it is by finding and celebrating things that are working well that might have otherwise not be noticed.
  • Disciplined: We start each day/week/quarter/year with an intention. We follow through and follow up and invest in ourselves. We keep commitments.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Excellent health, vision, and dental package
  • Paid Parental Leave Policy, after 3 months of employment
  • Unlimited PTO
  • 401K matching, up to 5%
  • Space and support to grow
  • Monthly stipend for mental/physical wellness
  • Monthly stipend for food/coffee
  • Laptop + Home office set-up stipend
  • Yearly team offsite somewhere fun

🏢 Where we work

We are a global team and typically orient around east coast hours, though we have team members in all US time zones.

✏️ Interview process

The typical interview process is:

  1. Intro call with Recruiter (20 min)
  2. Hiring Manager Interview (30-60 min)
  3. Skills Interview (60 min)
  4. Virtual Onsite (90-160 min)

This process can move as quickly as 2 weeks (from initial call to offer), depending on the candidate's schedule. Each candidate, no matter what stage, will get notified if we want to move forward or not.

📈 Career growth

  • Weekly: 1:1 with your manager
  • Quarterly: look at and set up OKRs for next quarter
  • Bi-yearly: formal performance reviews where you discuss leveling, comp, expectations to get to next level

🖖 Work / life balance

Canopy was founded as a remote-first company and its fully remote team is spread out across the United States and Europe. We trust our team members and give them autonomy, encouraging a work/life integration. In general, the team is offline on the weekend –– it’s understood that we work hard during the week, and value time outside of work as well.

✨ Work style

We communicate synchronously and asynchronously (Slack, Notion, Zoom,, walk-and-talks). Our team members emulate our core values that help us drive growth and success for our customers.

Our overall culture score is A.

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