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πŸš€ Mission

Convex's mission is to fundamentally change how software is built on the Internet and who gets to build it. We aim to empower engineering teams of all sizes to build fast, reliable, and dependable dynamic apps without complex backend engineering or database administration.

Our team includes technologists who have led exabyte-scale storage projects, designed custom global databases with trillions of records, built some of the world's most popular web apps, and shipped desktop and mobile software onto billions of devices. All of us have deep experience with managing critical shared user state in complex apps and growing teams.

Now at Convex, we've created something we believe is an entirely new and substantially better platform for teams of the future. We're motivated by the prospect of a new wave of teams using Convex and excited to empower them to easily solve the challenges of global state management—challenges that before Convex were quite daunting.

Convex is a startup, and we’re heavily focused on building the systems and features that bring value to our developer community. In addition to this strong sense of prioritization, however, we need to leverage our collective experience to make wise engineering decisions, solve complex problems in simple elegant ways, and continue to invest in the development of our team.

β˜€οΈ Benefits & Perks

We have a great set of employee benefits including comprehensive parental leave that are outlined here.

We provide lunch and all eat together every day. We also have snacks, drinks, etc and prioritize making employees feel comfortable.

Ultimately the biggest perk of working at Convex is the team we get to work with. Convex is accumulating a stellar team of engineers who are also just really nice people. We have weekly reading groups, actively engage in mentorship, regularly collaborate, and spend a lot of fun times together. We think you’ll like it here.

🏒 Where we work

We view in-person time as essential to making quick strategic decisions, building empathy, and forming early team culture. But we also value that working from home allows productive heads-down execution, extra time with family, commute breaks, and schedule flexibility. So, we're currently following a three/two hybrid schedule: three days in the office and (optionally) two days at home.

Therefore, interested candidates need to be either in the Bay Area or willing to relocate so they're able to join us at our office in a sunny part of Potrero Hill. Fully remote is not an option at this time.

✏️ Interview process

As a startup that hires a diverse set of candidates and roles, we tailor the interview experience to the candidate and role.

Interviewing typically comprises:

  • an initial prescreen call to discover role fit
  • an online technical interview in most cases
  • a three-interview in-person lineup, with one of these three interviews being a cultural/leadership/interpersonal interview.

We move fast and can typically turn around an interview and offer a decision in around a week in most cases.

πŸ“ˆ Career growth

We are an early-stage startup and have not yet instituted a formal promotion or evaluation process.

The founding team at Convex was responsible for defining the engineering levels guide at Dropbox, oversaw the interview debrief process, were primary contributors in many of the engineering promotions calibration processes, and ran the mentorship program, so have a lot of experience in these areas.

We care very deeply about mentorship and personal growth and think this is an ideal environment for motivated engineers to reach their full potential, given our large scope of impact and experience mentoring many of the most senior engineers in the industry. Our co-founder and CTO James Cowling gave a podcast interview on what it means to be a senior engineer that captures many of our thoughts.

πŸ–– Work / life balance

We're a group of friendly, highly-motivated people who love working together and hope that you'll love working with us too.

Being at a startup doesn’t mean we expect people to be working on weekends or evenings, but it does mean that we all need to be excited about being part of something great. Convex is a company for people who want to care deeply about what they do, care about their coworkers, and have a really fun time building and growing together.

✨ Work style

Convex has a small but highly experienced team who have spent decades not only building large software systems but also actively mentoring and developing more junior engineers to reach their fullest potential. In previous roles, we’ve run mentorship and onboarding programs led employee promotion and calibration processes and hosted engineering leadership training sessions at many of the top Silicon Valley companies. We care about our people and believe strongly in the value of developing a team from within.

We have a weekly reading group where we help develop technical skills for our team, have an active culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing, and also encourage engineers to develop their reputation within the industry as a whole by directly engaging with the community.

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