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🚀 Mission

Edlyft is on a mission to create a world where anyone can learn in-demand skills, starting with CS.

At Edlyft, we believe that everyone deserves access to economic mobility and anyone can learn in-demand skills with the right support. We never imagined ourselves in tech; but supportive mentors were key to helping us graduate in CS. We should not be the exception, and started Edlyft so more people who may be intimidated have the tools and environment to pursue in-demand fields. Ultimately, Edlyft will make it absurd that you ever thought you couldn't learn something "hard".

We're a small, women-led team (backed by top investors including Y Combinator, Kapor Capital, and Backstage) that’s looking for purpose-driven people to join us in making this happen.

💥 Values

  • Belonging & Community: How we treat one another matters. We are intentional about creating an environment where everyone feels safe bringing their whole self to work. We actively engage in tough conversations to learn how we can always be improving the workplace to be more inclusive.
  • Students First: In our products and experiences, we prioritize the needs of our students and their success.
  • Accountability: Be at cause - Act like an Owner. We’re a team that values being proactive and taking ownership.
  • Honesty / Transparency: When we assume good intent + are open and direct, great things flourish.
  • Shalom & Harmony: We believe people can do their best work when they have a balance of healthy living and rest.
  • Be a Mentor: Everyone has someone who helped them along the way. We believe in paying it forward when you can.
  • Step Into Courage & Deep Engagement: We are cultivating a team of people who trust themselves and their team deeply, because growth often follows overcoming fear.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance covered
  • Unlimited Vacation - our co-founders take vacation each year to normalize it to the team
  • Wellness stipend
  • Work from home & electronics stipend
  • 100% remote
  • Small team, so a lot of opportunity for impact and responsibility
  • Signing Bonus
  • Relocation Bonus (as needed)

🏆 Team

We’re an incredibly driven and passionate team, led by two technical Black women who have the audacity to believe we can change the world.

🏢 Where we work

We are hiring remotely in the Americas time zones.

✏️ Interview process

Our hiring process has received extremely positive feedback from almost all candidates in our pipeline.

  • The first step is a call with Erika, our co-founder, and CEO, who leads product at Edlyft.
  • After the first call will be a call with Arnelle, our co-founder and CTO who will walk through a few technical questions and discuss your experience.
  • If the first two calls go well, we’ll invite you to work on a small project that we’ll compensate you for. This serves as a trial period to assess mutual fit.
  • Finally, we may also do a joint call with both co-founders.
  • If a candidate is rejected, we will notify them as soon as possible so they are not left wondering their status.

📈 Career growth

For every new hire, we implement a 30/60/90 day review cycle, where we set clear expectations and discuss on day 1 what their goals are for the next 30, 60, and 90 days. At each milestone, we meet to retrospect performance on each goal and adjust expectations for the next milestone.

Edlyft is also backed by an extremely talented network of investors including operators across education, sales, marketing, and engineering whom we connect employees to help them grow. We also have a formal quarterly retrospective review process.

🖖 Work / life balance

One of Edlyft’s top values is shalom & harmony. We are very intentional about respecting each other’s time, space, and personal energy. This means we have very clear boundaries around rarely working on the weekends, unless it’s a personal preference, as well as ensuring each teammate takes ample vacation and sick days as needed. We are still a small startup that has a lot of work to get done, which can mean working late; however, we make an effort to keep that work on the weekdays.

Asynchronous work looks like teammates driving a project to its goals and looping in the team as needed for support. We hold a daily stand-up to ensure we’re aligned as a team and unblocked from making async progress.

✨ Work style

Our team is honest, direct, and thoughtful when we communicate. Employees describe working at Edlyft as mission-oriented and rewarding, given that we’re on the ground with students where we are lucky enough to see our impact on them daily.

We have monthly virtual bonding activities like creating a collective playlist of personally meaningful songs, playing UNO, and taking a cooking class.

Open positions at Edlyft

Edlyft's positions are coming soon! We refresh the list daily, so stay tuned for more info.