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🚀 Mission

Filta is the face filter NFT marketplace. We partner with creators to release limited-edition face filters for their fans to use on social media. Our mission is to fix the broken filter ecosystem by giving artists a marketplace to sell their work and the best filter creation tools anywhere.

We're building the infrastructure for publishing, distributing, buying, and selling limited-edition 3D assets. So: we start with filters because it's a service that needs to exist today. Long-term we are perfectly positioned to surf the incoming AR/VR wave

💥 Values

  • Your opinion - the only way we're going to make it is if we trust in and listen to each other.
  • Artists and their work - We're not artist-friendly. We're artist-first. Our dedication to artists will be the difference between winning and losing.
  • Human excellence and creativity - Anyone can excel if you put them in their perfect situation.
  • Your time - It's not as controversial as it sounds....but we don't have meetings. We’re specific about how, where, and when we communicate.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Unlimited holidays
  • Health insurance
  • Flexible work hours
  • Discord Nitro
  • Direct communication with artists and fans
  • Exclusive employee-only face filters

🏆 Team

We are a team of 4 looking to hire 4-5 more team members in the next year. Right now, we have 0% women in leadership roles and are excited to meet people in the Elpha community.

🏢 Where we work

We are an international team spread between the West Coast USA, Africa, and Bulgaria

✏️ Interview process

We keep it short and decisive with a:

  • phone screen
  • long-form interview (1h for general questions and 1h for specific job-related questions)
  • follow-up call
  • reference checks
  • Offer

The length (2-7 weeks) largely depends on scheduling.

Rejections may be in email or phone form and usually include feedback on what areas the candidate can improve for future interviews.

📈 Career growth

We have weekly 1:1s between the founder and the team where feedback is regularly given. We don’t have a formal performance review process (yet). We will add this as the team grows.

🖖 Work / life balance

As a fully remote team, working hours are very flexible and generally up to you. Someone will always be online and someone will always be offline.

Work-life integration is the goal of the company. If it’s a rare beautiful day outside…you should go to the park. Weekend work only happens if we have an urgent goal that is communicated well in advance that somehow hasn't been resolved. Otherwise, it can wait until Monday.

✨ Work style

We’re very supportive and encourage experimentation, learning new things, and leaning on each other to succeed. Working at the intersection of AR/Web3 these are important elements of our team culture.

People on the team have strong ownership over what they’re working on. Our scope is big enough (and team small enough) that the team is often making high-level product/engineering/etc. decisions. If you’re looking for high-impact and broad scope - Filta is the place to be.

The best/most unique part of Filta seems to be the interaction with artists. The team gets a major energy boost when an artist has a large sale or releases an incredible new art piece using our tools. We are constantly being surprised and delighted by our community.

The team has a very strong Discord culture - which is a mix of team, artists, and community. Anyone can talk to anyone at any time - so the atmosphere is a bit more casual than you would see in a normal company chat.

Since our team is remote - Discord is our primary form of communication - though we also do group video chats, games, and plan on regularly bringing the whole team together for offsites.

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