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Mission and Values
The world is moving towards more standardized, open, and interconnected data systems. However, employment infrastructure remains complex, closed, and fragmented. Our mission is to democratize access to the infrastructure that underpins the employment sector, unlock much-needed innovations, and create tremendous products for employers and employees. Finch allows applications to access data and make changes across payroll and HR systems through a single API.Things we value:
  • Execution — Making the wrong decision and learning from it is more valuable than making no decision at all. We make mistakes but we fall forward so we are always actively progressing as a team.
  • Curiosity — Constantly looking for ways to learn and push outside comfort zones expands the aperture of opportunity. We can share our collective perspectives to reach outcomes that few others can see.
  • Humility — Accepting our own shortcomings and being honest about the limits of our strengths allows us to fill in each other's gaps. We can better work with others and improve our collective chance of success by removing ego from the equation.
  • Empathy — Recognizing the perspectives and motivations of all stakeholders allows for a deeper understanding of the core challenges we're overcoming. Spending the extra effort to identify the key areas of alignment helps us build trust within the team and with external partners.
Where we work
We are a remote first team spread out across the U.S. and Canada.
We have 30 full-time employees and counting! Due to the traction we’re gaining, we’re looking to double in size over the next year.
Work / Life Balance
We believe hours worked =/= productivity. While our team often works beyond the typical 9-5 schedule, we do focus on flexibility given that everyone has different lifestyle needs and optimal flow times. Since every team member is working on mission-critical parts of the business we trust them to achieve goals they commit to and communicate blockers to the team. We value ambition, but recognize that it comes in many forms, so we look for those who are motivated by their level of impact (outcomes achieved) vs. input (cycles spent). There are occasional fire drills for high priority initiatives but we focus on triaging and setting expectations with input of the team members directly responsible for the work. While some individuals may login over a weekend or two during the month to close out some processes or prep for the next week we do not schedule any meetings on weekends. We are optimizing for the long-term and take burnout very seriously. We have an unlimited PTO policy and enforce a 15 day minimum (excluding holidays) for everyone in the organization.
Benefits & Perks
Some benefits we provide are:
  • We cover 100% of high-end health insurance plans for you and your dependents. Our coverage includes dental, vision, and life insurance.
  • $600/month stipend for groceries.
  • Learning and Development stipend to spend on development courses, books, or other educational materials.
  • Wellness (gym) - $100/mo to spend on gym memberships, meal planning, massages, etc.
  • Work from home - $1,000 one time stipend to buy a chair, monitors, and any other equipment to make working from home comfortable. The company will provide a laptop separately.
  • Stipend for co-working spaces.
  • 401(k) - Employees can max out contributions but there is no employer match at this time.
Performance Evaluations
We track OKRs on a quarterly basis and evaluate individual contributions towards specific outcomes. We have a formal performance review process twice a year and also conduct bi-weekly syncs with each team member to communicate areas of improvement and receive feedback on ways we can help them grow. Additionally, we hold frequent anonymous surveys to gather constructive feedback on how we can build a more motivating, enriching work environment.
We’ve built a dedicated recruiting function and have a Chief Operating Officer that tracks and files HR inquiries. We review the evidence and take into account multiple perspectives while cross-checking the actions against our HR policies and employee handbook. In the event that we let someone go we provide clear reasoning and offer a severance package that gives that individual time to transition. If the termination is related to performance the employee is given multiple warnings including the option for a performance review period to ensure there is ample time to make improvements.
Team Culture & Bonding
Employees describe the culture as collaborative, action-oriented, and low ego. We hold weekly happy hours, monthly group activities (e.g. Trivia night), and quarterly retreats where we fly the team out to a location to spend time learning about each other outside the workplace.
Interview Process
The interview process is quick and takes approximately 2-3 weeks to complete
  1. First round -- Learn about the individual’s goals and skills, share info on Finch
  2. Second round -- Role specific technical call to understand depth of knowledge
  3. Onsite -- Challenge defense, meet the team, and cultural fit interviews to close out the process
The typical interview process spans 1-3 weeks, depending on the deadlines from the candidate.
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