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🚀 Mission

We’re transforming mental healthcare accessibility by helping therapists launch tech-driven, in-network practices. To ensure that anyone can afford quality mental healthcare, we’re building America’s biggest behavioral healthcare group with in-network private practices powered by game-changing technology.

The need for accessible mental healthcare is more important than ever. Depression and anxiety rates in America are up 300%, driven by the pandemic’s impact on parents, teachers, nurses, and frontline workers. With 70% of therapists not accepting insurance, affordable care is too expensive or tough to find, leaving too many Americans suffering without help.

We believe the answer to accessibility is by supporting our incredible therapists to launch thriving, in-network private practices. The infrastructure and clinical integration in behavioral health has so much room for improvement. We’re building technology that brings practices into the 21st century and profoundly enhances the efficacy and experience of care. Our technology manages all the behind-the-scenes business obligations so therapists can focus on their clients. Every day we feel privileged to enable and empower heroic providers to reach their full potential, knowing that our communities need heroes more than ever.

💥 Values

  • Mission-oriented: Everyone at Grow is passionate about improving mental healthcare accessibility and connected to our mission. We each feel responsible to help our providers thrive. When we support our providers, they can focus on their clients. We’re motivated to create a provider experience so great that providers want to shout about it from the rooftops.
  • Kindness and humility: No amount of intelligence/competency will make up for a lack of kindness or humility. We value those who build our culture. When things go well, we share the credit. When things go poorly, we shoulder responsibility. We act with compassion for all providers, partners, and colleagues.
  • Ideate constantly, communicate openly: We are constantly learning and synthesizing new experiences. We deeply consider the thoughts of our teammates, particularly if they challenge our preconceived notions. We vet theses thoughtfully on the merits without concern for offending, and with shared ownership of the outcome.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Mental Health Mornings: Employees select one day each week to start a couple hours later. The program is designed to support mental health and wellness on an ongoing basis!
  • Fun office culture: lunch on Grow, team meditation, weekly happy hours, relaxed dress code, office pets highly encouraged
  • Flexible working (hybrid of in-person & remote)
  • Unlimited PTO & winter break
  • 100% covered health, vision, and dental insurance
  • Wellness and learning stipends
  • Competitive salary and equity compensation

🏆 Team

We currently have 22 employees and are planning to double our team in the next year. Half of our tech team are women! We also have ~20 contractors that work with us remotely.

45% of leadership roles are held by women.

🏢 Where we work

Our team operates in a flexible working style. Employees can choose between either of our hubs: remote or in-person at our NYC office!​​ Please refer to specific JDs as some roles are in-person only.

✏️ Interview process

We’re a small and fast-moving team, so our interview process is typically quick!

For most roles, there will be a screener with the hiring manager, a technical interview, and a behavioral interview. There may also include a take-home assignment, depending on the role. You’ll have a chance to meet several members of the team throughout the interview process. Most interviews are currently conducted remotely and we’d be happy to welcome you to our office for a visit!

📈 Career growth

We have an annual performance review, which also encourages upward feedback!

🖖 Work / life balance

As a mental health company, we bring Grow’s mission to our internal team by promoting holistic wellness. Ambition and determination are balanced with a culture that champions well-being, from unlimited PTO to Mental Health Mornings to team meditation. We empower our employees to set meaningful boundaries between work and life, which means fully unplugging when the computer is closed for the day and never opening it over weekends.

Logistically, we work in a hybrid in-person and remote setting. Employees can choose between either of our hubs: remote or in-person at our NYC office!​​ For those in-person, we usually come into the office 3-4 days per week and work remotely 1-2 days. This allows us to cultivate a connected office culture while maintaining the convenience of working from home!

✨ Work style

Hear from our employees directly!

  • “Our leadership team creates a culture where your voice is heard and your impact is felt. I was scared to work for a startup, but couldn't ask for a better environment: mental health mornings, fun coworkers, flexible PTO, mission-centricity… It all adds up to a really positive working environment that makes going to work engaging and fun.” - Lydia Nichols, Provider Growth Lead
  • "Everyone at Grow is genuinely nice and welcoming. It’s rare to find that kind of culture alongside an interesting tech stack and opportunities to solve problems for a case we all care deeply about!” - Caroline Clancy, Software Engineer
  • “I'm confident we'll achieve our mission because of the talented crew I get to work with. I'm constantly inspired by the optimistic rigor of my coworkers, and feel proud of the work we're doing.” - Sasha Pines, Chief of Staff

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