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Mission and Values

At Heroic Story, we're making a new kind of game, where players build stories and fantasy worlds together. The players get ownership of their creation at the end by receiving NFTs. Think Dungeons & Dragons meets HQ Trivia or Who Wants to be a Millionaire. We broadcast the whole thing live as a game show.

We are focused on solving two problems for the writers and artists of stories: the work is lonely and the trade is under-rewarded. What if the future of storytelling was more multiplayer and social? What if writers and artists could capture more value from their creations?

We're doing this by building a decentralized IP creation engine at scale, with clear economics from the get-go.

If Spiderman were created today, a player would feed the hero token Peter Parker into our game. Stan Lee would host it and the output would be minted as an NFT. The community would own pieces of their creation, and collaborate with writers, artists, and developers to make Spiderman comics, movies, games, and tv shows.

All participate in a decentralized creator economy to earn along the way.

We value:

  • Firstly, we HIGHLY value kindness. To quote the great novel and underrated movie Cloud Atlas, “with every kindness, we birth our future.” We treat everyone with empathy and respect.
  • Second — we are lifelong learners, and view learning from each other, and from our mistakes, as a massive positive. Our motto: always be learning.
  • Third, we value feedback and transparency. We think these are key to building lasting relationships founded on mutual respect and trust.

We're a fully remote team hiring anywhere in the world.

Team Size

We are currently a team of 7 with plans to hire 5-10 more team members in the next year.

Women in Leadership

Our cap table includes:

  • Holly Liu, the co-founder of Kabam
  • Nancy Hua, co-founder and CEO at Apptimize
  • Lisha Li, founder/CEO at Rosebud AI

Right now, we have 0% women in leadership internally and are dedicated to changing this number.

Work / Life Balance

We’re an early-stage startup — a major advantage is that we can move faster than bigger companies at testing our hypotheses. We like to get a lot of stuff done during the week so we can dive into the weekend. Hours are flexible due to our remote culture — from Los Angeles to Bulgaria our team works asynchronously during different times of the day. Discord is our hub of communication, with Trello serving as our product management system. We’ll sync up for calls as needed. We believe in fewer meetings, more communication, with lots of ownership and autonomy around clearly defined objectives.

Benefits & Perks

  • Comprehensive health benefits for you and your dependents
  • A remote first team
  • 401k
  • Unlimited paid time off with approval
  • Flexible hours
  • A $500 home office stipend</div>

Performance Evaluations

We do regular 1 on 1s; during these meetings we discuss goals, what you’ve been happy about, and what you’ve been less happy about. We also chat about how you’d improve the product, problems with the organization, how we can be better managers, and how we can better offer opportunities for you to learn and grow. We offer one performance-based raise per year.</div>


We don’t have an HR team. The co-founders currently handle this work.

Team Culture & Bonding

Some elements of our culture:

  • creator contests
  • live art streams from top artists; writing workshops from top storytellers
  • remote flexibility
  • lots of communication (discord, voice/video calls)
  • we play games together!
  • we keep coordination as light as possible (trello to-do, doing, done)
  • very laid back and very hard working
  • weekly game playtests. Try it out! Join our discord to start:

Interview Process

  • Phone screen with a founder
  • Followed by a technical interview with senior engineer

We like to do contract to hire — you’ll work on a 2-week project with the team, and if that goes well we will hire immediately thereafter. If rejected after the technical interview you’ll receive an email.

Open positions at Heroic Story