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🚀 Mission

HPE Cloud Volumes allows customers to move any workload in any cloud, protect everything and recover anywhere.

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“Technology and data will be the key to enabling governments and businesses to navigate a path to a sustainable future. At HPE, we have dedicated ourselves to a clear, simple, and extremely important cause - developing and using technology to advance the way people live and work.”

- Antonio Neri, President and Chief Executive Officer

For more on how we are helping to solve Climate Change, Security and Inequality, check out our Living Progress Report .

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Maternity, Parental and Adoption Leave (6 month paid parental leave in the US!)
  • HPE Global Wellness- Time off for “wellness fridays” once a month- Employee Assistance Program(EAP)
  • Free confidential counseling for relationships, substance use and addiction, emotional health, and more
  • Wellbeats subscriptions (for the flexibility to work out anywhere, anytime with free video fitness classes)
  • Webinars and community callls: Explore topics like parenting and family support, self-care, real life challenges, coping with COVID-19, and more

🏆 Team

We are a team of about 60,000 globally

✏️ Interview process

Recruiters are the first contact, typically with a phone screen. Technical reviews are usually held by team leads

📈 Career growth

HPE promotes continuous feedback. Continuous feedback encompasses HPE’s approach to consistent connection and ongoing improvement. Feedback can come in a variety of forms - whether it’s in-person, on a call, over email, or through Workday. At HPE we believe that regardless of the format, feedback is a powerful gift to help us embrace courage over comfort and fail fast, learn, and improve.

✨ Work style

We have a collaborative culture within Cloud Data Services, we promote this by having virtual happy hours, virtual coffee chats with leadership, and other open forums.

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