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🚀 Mission

What’s the best thing about working at Just Appraised? Easy: the people. We’re a curious, playful, diverse team that’s driven to bring efficiency and technology beyond tech hubs. We build tools to empower local governments to streamline the change of ownership process for real estate and create more seamless ways for tax offices to communicate digitally with their taxpayers. We know it’s the unsexy work of building awesome tools that actually help people, that makes work feel less like a job and more like a purpose.

Just Appraised is a YC-backed company that simplifies the way local governments manage assessments. Our software makes critical tax assessors’ workflows 10x faster and much more enjoyable for employees in the tax office to complete, and creates trust and goodwill in the minds of taxpayers.

💥 Values

  • Challenge the norm - Your fresh ideas, viewpoints, and healthy skepticism are always welcome. Your impact is not limited by your team, title, or function.
  • Take the wheel - You take ownership and initiative to drive results across the organization. The company goals are transparent so everyone is aligned on focus, purpose, and priorities. Our success is celebrated collectively while recognizing and appreciating everyone’s individual contributions.
  • Come as you are - Your place here is shaped only by your work. Our remote team embraces individual work style, respects diversity of thought and experience, and encourages work-life balance.
  • Everyone is a coach and a player - You welcome the opportunity to make teammates' lives easier and are willing to get your hands dirty to get the job done. Our team looks for opportunities to grow through feedback and perpetual growth.
  • Caring about customers is everyone's job - You care deeply about the people who use our product and its impact. Understanding who our customers are, how they work, and what they need defines how we operate.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Fully remote - Our entire team has been remote since day 1. This creates significant flexibility for individuals who do not want to commute to an office or physical location to get their work done.
  • Healthcare benefits - We offer healthcare and dental with 95% coverage for US employees.
  • Unlimited vacation - We have an unlimited vacation policy. You’re free to take as much time off as you choose, as long as you get the job done. Our team norms are to provide a few weeks notice when taking longer breaks so that the team can ensure adequate coverage while folks are out.
  • 401k - We provide 401k for US employees through Guideline which has no asset-based fees. We do not offer matching.
  • Home office stipend - We provide all employees with a stipend to outfit their home office.
  • Equity - We offer equity to our employees so that they can participate in the company’s growth and upside.
  • Parental Leave - We offer paid parental leave for employees, with up to 16 weeks for birthing and non-birthing parents, and parental leave can be intermittently and distributed over the course of the year following birth.

🏆 Team

We are at approximately 60 FTEs and we plan to hire another 20 employees in the next year.

We have several women in management and director-level roles in our company. Our Directors of Engineering and Customer Success are women, as well as our Talent and Product Leads. We are excited to meet great people through Elpha!

✏️ Interview process

Our typical interview process has two stages so that the candidate has the opportunity to meet with a broad set of Just Appraised teammates. The first stage is two 30- minute interviews with our People Team and the Hiring Manager. If those interviews go well, the candidate will proceed to the second round.

Our second round includes two longer interviews with a wider set of teammates that help demonstrate how a candidate approaches work relevant to the role and their communication style with a more senior member of the team. Depending on the role, the interview may include a technical or written assignment.

After the second round, the candidate can expect a phone call to provide a decision. We aim to provide candidates with a decision within a week of completing the second round of interviews.

📈 Career growth

We provide ongoing feedback via weekly 1:1s, annual performance reviews, and a mid-year self-reflection for professional development. We have clear compensation bands for roles to ensure teammates are being paid equitably and revisit salaries once per year for all employees across the organization.

🖖 Work / life balance

We are a fully remote team that is globally dispersed. We over-communicate so that we can work well asynchronously but are also mindful about having some overlaps across teams to facilitate collaboration and team cohesion. We strive to have the majority of our overlap during EST business hours (where the majority of our customers are) but create shifts across the team to foster balance and account for varying time zones.

We’re a startup, so work can extend into the weekends ahead of customer launches or big deadlines but we encourage proactive behavior to avoid making these scenarios the norm rather than the exception as we’re trying to build resilience and sustainability into our operations!

We want to support you as a whole person including your physical and mental health. Imran (our CEO) has always been a long distance runner and has been training for marathons since the company was founded in 2017. Travis (our COO) played water polo in college so going for a swim is his equivalent of a long run. It’s not uncommon to see calendar holds for runs on a daily basis or to see photos posted in our #random Slack channel of a great sunset or a lookout from a teammate’s hike. We know exercise is important to mental and physical health, so we fully support everyone on the team taking care of their well being in the way that serves them best!

✨ Work style

We bond through team meetings where we get to know each other through icebreakers and sharing highs, lows, and piccolos of the week. We build community through 1:1s with team members across the company and through project meetings where we create space for bringing our full selves to work. We also aim for 1-2 full team retreats / year where the whole team can come together for a weekend for in-person collaboration. In light of COVID, we’re exploring opportunities to hold these retreats remotely.

We also bond through celebrating our successes (a new sale, customer launch, gushing testimonial highlighting a particular team member) as a team so that we can foster pride in our work and acknowledge the hard work and collaboration our team has put in to make a project, client, or initiative successful.

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