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🚀 Mission

Our mission is to enable radical and diverse participation in web3.

Crypto and web3 is moving fast, it’s all jargon and concepts that seem to only benefit the ones in the know. If there’s anything the last 20 years have shown is that emerging technology can be so forward-thinking that it leaves people behind. We’re in web3 to build well-designed tools that are easy for people to use. We believe through our efforts we will close the gap and enable every kind of creator to thrive. To start, we’ve created a platform for creators to generate artwork, create NFTs, and sell them with a custom branded storefront, without writing a line of code.

We’re a 4-month-old startup and we are investing in diversity at the ground level.

💥 Values

  • Driven by mission & purpose. We believe it is imperative to enable diverse and radical participation in web3. We put our mission into practice. We have the processes in place to make sure we are purposeful with our time.
  • Inclusion. At the core of Kairos is inclusion. It is through this lens we assess features and make decisions across many aspects of our business, internally and externally. We strive to create an environment of inclusion and belonging. We want people to show up to work 100% of who they are and do their best.
  • Ask for help and be helpful. We value the willingness to ask for help. We believe psychological safety is created collectively through action, transparency and empathy. It starts with knowing needing help is not a weakness at Kairos. We always assume the best intent in each other. We strive to lead with the mindset of helpfulness and enabling success for each other and our users.
  • Succeed with our community. To achieve our mission of diverse participation, we think deeply about our users, understand what drives them, and challenge ourselves to solve their problems empathetically, creatively, and elegantly. This is reflected in our pricing and it is anchored on the success of our community.
  • Teamwork. We take pride in our work and results. No one makes mistakes alone. There is always something to learn from it for everyone. At the core, we trust everyone is good at what they do and can operate with integrity, and autonomously, and treat everyone as a valued partner.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Competitive compensation salary and equity
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • 4 weeks of PTO + local holidays
  • Sick and mental-health days when you need it
  • Autonomy to make decisions in a rapidly growing environment
  • Brand new MacBook
  • (We are still working on these!)

🏆 Team

Today we are a team of 4, 3 women and 1 man:

  • Vietnamese-American, Lebanese-Australian, Turkish and Taiwanese-Australian
  • Our CEO, Katie, identifies as LGBTQ

✏️ Interview process

Our hiring process is standardized and objective to ensure fair hiring and minimize bias (one of our founders created Airbnb’s Core Values interview process). We really value candidates who take the time to apply to Kairos. We strive to ensure a good turnaround time to let the candidate know within 48 hours at each step whether they have passed or not.

What candidates can expect when interviewing at Kairos:

  1. Once we’ve received an application we will get back to the candidate within 48 hours whether we are moving forward with them or not
  2. We will ask for a portfolio or Github for review as a follow-up.
  3. Initial call to get to know the candidate with any one of the founders (30mins).
  4. Interview with hiring manager (30 mins): Match for the role and Code review for engineering
  5. Follow up within 48 hours whether candidate is through or not.
  6. Meet the rest of the team for team values (30mins).
  7. Offer extended to candidate if they’re a good fit.

📈 Career growth

The founding team were managers in our previous roles and we understand how important it is to have a clear career path outlined for people to join us. However, right now we’re still small and we are not at the stage where we have built out an entire performance review process

What you can expect from the team is candid and kind honesty for feedback and praise. And 1:1 quarterly performance discussion and reviews.

🖖 Work / life balance

We are a startup, as founders, we try to not work weekends but sometimes we do. We don’t have any expectations that people should just because we do. We know it’s important to take breaks.

Asynchronous work means people work at their own pace and schedule. We have tasks assigned and people have a clear idea of what their focus areas are. We expect our team to be transparent and update in channel regarding status or need to be unblocked by someone.

✨ Work style

We’re designers at heart. We’ve individually spent 10+ years working, leading, and managing teams at Airbnb, Slack, Brex, and LinkedIn. We’re passionate about making complex concepts consumer-friendly.

A healthy and diverse culture means a great deal to us. We’ve helped scale teams while fostering a healthy and inclusive working culture. We understand fundamentally a company culture is the behavior an organization chooses to reward or reject. We’ve chosen diverse advisors and investors.

How we work

  • The team is distributed across the US.
  • When we work on projects, we assign a driver / decision-maker and contributors. This is to ensure individual autonomy and focused feedback.
  • Even though we’re a startup, we are a strong and experienced operational team. We have just enough process to ensure focus, accountability, and the best use of time.
  • We communicate mainly on Slack internally. Channels are structured around projects or initiatives. We value good communication, and transparency and strive to create psychological safety for everyone to be candid and kind.
  • Emails are for external communication.
  • We have 2 team meetings a week and an agenda is always built beforehand.
  • Leave meetings when all the topics are covered. No one will be offended.

How we Socialize and bond

  • We love celebrating each other’s successes. We have a #good-vibes channel to do that.
  • Regular 1:1 to get to know each other.
  • Friday team lunches + social hangs.
  • When we’re at each other’s cities we get dinner together.

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