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🚀 Mission

We are building payments infrastructure to power $750 trillion in bank transfers every year.

Before Modern Treasury, there has never been a universal API into the global banking system. Companies had to devote engineering resources to building money movement systems rather than their core products, which hurt their ability to move quickly and serve their customers. In most of these companies, the finance team is also usually neglected which leads to errors, poor customer service, and inefficient work.

Our software helps finance teams work effectively in tandem with their engineering counterparts. Our mission is to transform the way businesses move and track money, driving toward a world where payments are real-time, reconciliation is instant, and accounting is continuous.

💥 Values

We strive to become one of the best companies in the world by:

  • Helping our customers build their own best companies: We build products to support our customers’ goals. We deliver on time and provide exceptional service. We aspire to do things right the first time, and if something goes wrong, we rectify it.
  • Creating the conditions for personal and professional growth: We design our work environment to be uplifting and enriching, a place to engage in meaningful work, constantly learn, and pursue our long-term career journeys. Together, we create a space of psychological safety. We embrace diversity, respectful debate, and intellectual curiosity.
  • Making decisions for longevity: We focus on profitability, which protects our employees’ livelihoods and ensures our continued ability to serve customers. We do so with decency, dignity, and truthfulness, earning us the right and privilege to remain in business.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

💰 401K [Guideline]

🍎 Anthem BC PPO (Gold & Platinum plans) [all states] / Kaiser HMO Platinum Plan [specific states]: we pay 100% coverage for employees for both Gold ($150 buy up for Anthem Platinum) and Platinum and 50% coverage for dependents.

🌱Healthcare FSA

🍼 4 months paid parental leave

🦷 Guardian Dental

👓 Guardian (VSP) Vision

🚡 Commuter Benefits

👪 Sponsored life insurance + buy-up option

⚕ Short Term, Long Term Disability & Employee Assistance Program

🌴 Unlimited PTO

🏗 $1000 WFH stipend ($500 annual refresh) - Interns up to $250 per internship

📚 $500 yearly book stipend (Interns - $125 per internship)

🌏 Charitable donation match - up to $100 yearly

🍜 Having lunch with 4 or more colleagues - company sponsored

💻 Computer/Keyboard/Mouse/Monitor

☕ Coffee chats with guest speakers on a bi-weekly basis

✏️ Interview process

We have a 2 week average turnaround time for our interview process:

  1. Recruiter Phone Screen
  2. Hiring Manager Screen or Technical Screen
  3. Full interview panel
  4. References
  5. Onsite

We structure these interviews to understand the skills and experience needed to do the role. We ask practical questions rather than brainteasers.

📈 Career growth

We hold a performance review every 6 months using Lattice. As part of that process, everyone gets at least 3-4 peer reviews.

Managers also hold weekly or biweekly 1:1s with their team members.

🖖 Work / life balance

We believe in working hard and smart. We are building a company for the long-term and want our employees to also be here for a long time, rather than get burnt out after 2 years.

Although we hold ourselves to a high bar and work hard to support our customers, we also value work-life balance. Modern Treasury employees work on different cadences depending on how they are most effective. Working on the weekends is rare and mostly driven by personal ambition or meaningful deadlines. We encourage our team to go on vacation (real vacations, where you don’t go online for at least 1-2 weeks).

✨ Work style

We would describe our team as:

  • Smart and driven
  • Friendly and collaborative
  • Thoughtful and curious

Our team loves learning and reading. We have a $500 yearly book budget for every team member to support this.

We also have a unique tradition called "if you really knew me" where teammates share what is going on in their life (good or bad) that might not come through in everyday conversation. This is part of our weekly team meeting, and we do it through break-out rooms.

We have offices in SF and NY where teammates spend time together. We also bring the entire company together once a quarter for a company onsite/offsite.

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