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Mission and Values

Our mission is to help companies deliver the best candidate experience by automating and streamlining recruiting operations.

Things we value:

  • We constantly seek the truth: We have the discipline to seek the truth on every challenge and constantly push to be the best version of ourselves. We strive to tie every decision back to concrete customer feedback and data.
  • We believe in mutual respect: We value others and treat them with care and kindness. We believe in listening, actively and attentively so that we can truly understand each other (and our customers!).
  • We trust in extreme accountability: We believe results matter and that we're all accountable for the overall business outcomes. We'll find a way to get results, including by working with each other to do things differently. Roles and organization boundaries aren't what matter. We never assign blame to others, and never say "that's not my fault".
  • We believe in being open: We are open to new ideas, different working styles, different opinions and most importantly feedback. We believe in transparency and sharing information so everyone knows what is going on.


There are 14 members of the ModernLoop team and we plan to double in the next year. Our team is made up of ex-slack, ex-facebook, and ex-startup folks. We have a good set of experience from all stages of industry. 50% of the leadership roles at ModernLoop are held by women.

We are hiring remote in the U.S. and Canada.

Our team believes in open and transparent communication. As a remote company, we believe in strong async communication. This sometimes takes the form of well-written posts or ad-hoc loom videos so that there is a human element. We have regular Tea-Times and Coffee Chats where people are encouraged to meet each other 1:1. We also hold company retreats for special events or milestones.

Work/Life Balance

Work will rarely extend into weekends. We trust everyone to manage their own time and set expectations with their colleagues on when projects will be completed.

Benefits and Perks

  • Competitive compensation
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance
  • Unlimited PTO + sick days when you need it
  • Work from home equipment stipend
  • Autonomy to make decisions in a rapidly growing environment

Performance Evaluations

We do performance evaluations and career conversations semi-annually. We ask our employees:

  • What are your long-term career goals?
  • What are your short-term goals for this half?

Managers then meet with their reports on a weekly basis in order to help grow them in their career development.

  • We give feedback regularly
  • Always quick, face-to-face, and private
  • We emphasize the COIN framework (Context, Observation, Impact, and Next Steps)
  • We take feedback regularly
  • We track against the work and career goals stated at the beginning of the half

Interview Process

Our interview process includes:

  • an initial meeting with the hiring manager
  • a focus area interview
  • a virtual final round that comprises 3 to 4 interviews

Open positions at ModernLoop