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🚀 Mission

If you go way back, our story is grounded in systems engineering, optimization research, ballistic missile simulation, and pizza delivery in the time of paper map directions.

More recently, our founding team spent years leading decision engineering at Grubhub, wrestling with the challenges of building automation and optimization solutions for food delivery. They saw a chance to serve developers tackling these challenges and others like scheduling and packing in a new way.

Enter Nextmv. We're delivering the power of decision science to every developer. It’s the missing link between data science and operations. Where data science answers what's going on, Nextmv's decision stack tells you what to do about it.

💥 Values

As an early stage startup, transparency and collaboration is woven through everything we do to build the best possible product and company.

  • We're committed to diversity, inclusion, and belonging in the way we work, how we hire, and who we do business with.
  • We value balancing vulnerability and candor, with mutual respect serving as the backbone of all our interactions and conflicts.
  • Experimentation and user focus drive how we learn (mistakes are part of the deal) and make our users successful.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance - We cover Medical, Dental, and Vision for U.S. employees. In the future, we would like to offer the option to international employees.
  • Paid Family Leave - 14 weeks of paid leave for all new parents.
  • Retirement Planning - 401k with 1% match for U.S. teammates.
  • Equity - Stock option plan on a standard 4 year vesting schedule with a 1 year cliff.
  • Financial Transparency - Everyone has access to financial and business metrics.
  • Half-Day Fridays - Year round, we do half-day Fridays
  • Minimum Vacation Policy - Unlimited vacation can be vague and hard to track. We strongly encourage everyone to take at least 3 week/year (or whatever is in line with your country's standard) in addition to public holidays. We also close the office for a week in December.
  • Retreats - We plan to hold company retreats for in-person work (when safe again).
  • Home Office Stipend - we send every new teammate a Mac laptop or equivalent of their choice, and provide a $1,000 stipend so you can feel ready to work from home.

🏆 Team

We are 22 people spread out across the U.S., Germany, and Colombia.

Women hold 33% of C-level positions and 55% of head of staff positions (the next level below C).

✏️ Interview process

Interviewing is a two-way street: we're looking to learn about candidates, candidates are looking to learn about us. It's important both sides feel like there's a fit. The interview process averages about two weeks and candidates have a chance to speak with several teammates through four Zoom interviews. Depending on the role, we look to get an understanding of a candidate's technical capabilities, domain expertise, potential to grow, and overall culture fit with our growing team. We love to see work samples and hear the stories behind them.

If a candidate receives and accepts an offer, they’re advised to be prepared for an excellent swag box coming their way. If we find that a candidate isn’t what we were looking for, we say so. We’ve all experienced the ups and downs of interviewing and it’s important to be kind and honest about setting everyone up for success.

📈 Career growth

We strive to create a place where anybody can grow at Nextmv. So, we've created an explicit career framework and have internally transparent compensation for every Level & Step.

We strive to create a place where anybody can grow. We’re guided by the following core beliefs that keep us honest on this journey. Here is our compensation philosophy:

A career in tech should be accessible to all

No matter where you are in your life or on the planet, we provide competitive base salaries, equity, and benefits that are inclusive of the best talent out there.

Salary transparency mitigates the wage gap

We’re building systems that level the playing field for everyone. Our salaries and levels are open to all Nextmvers to view and understand.

Every function and location provides equal value

The base salary for any two employees at the same level is the same — whether they’re in San Francisco or Philadelphia, finance or engineering.

You don’t have to give up your craft to make more money

Building a career at Nextmv should be straightforward. We give you the tools to own your growth — whether that’s on a path as an individual contributor or people manager.

🖖 Work / life balance

Balance is a tricky thing. Some days you'll get it right and on others it'll feel like a slow-motion belly flop. We look to help each other stay centered. Since we're a distributed company, when people are online can vary. We encourage our team to set work hours that work for you, be mindful of global time zones, block off time for deep work, and have a healthy cutoff time to end the day.

We can push hard on a project or a timeline when it's called for. That might mean extending someone's day or week, but we don't strive for that to be the norm. And if it does happen, we make sure to restore that balance. We're a company building technology meant to help businesses be more efficient. Finding the right solution or completing a project doesn't mean endlessly grinding away at a problem or existing in a sustained fire drill mode. That’s the enemy of balance. Solving a sticky problem often gets done more efficiently if you step away from it -- during the week and the weekend -- and return with fresh eyes. And sometimes there are problems that you just can't shake that will naturally occupy space in your mind or you feel compelled to chip away at.

✨ Work style

There's a lot of laughter. Many have an impressive Slack emoji/gif game. We help each other. We're growing fast and lending a hand with a kind heart is incredibly important. Each of us is learning every day, and it's worth the time to invest in one another. We make time to connect as a team with fortnightly (virtual) board games and sporadic (distributed) tacos.

Some of us are older, some of us are younger. Some of us have kids, some of us have pets. We all take time to step away from a workflow and care for ourselves or others as needed.

Nextmv is a great group of humans that have been brought together to do great and interesting work. And we own it every day.

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