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🚀 Mission

Observe provides a SaaS “Observability” product that enables SRE and DevOps teams to troubleshoot modern distributed applications 10x faster. Built from the ground-up to relate the diverse telemetry needed to understand modern digital infrastructure (including logs, metrics, and traces from servers, containers, web applications, etc.), Observe’s superpower is the ability to contextualize all of this disparate telemetry into a form that is easy to monitor, and intuitive to navigate when things go bump in the night.

Our approach is fundamentally a “data first” one, and our mission is to up-level how DevOps practitioners (and ultimately businesses) think about Observability. In short, rather than simply monitoring servers and overwhelming users with pages of raw logs and dozens of metrics dashboards, Observe allows you to you ask questions about *Users*, or *Insurance Claims*, or whatever other organizing concept makes sense for your business. Relating low-level telemetry to these higher-level concepts immediately increases their usefulness and enables your logs, metrics, and traces to provide insight for broader business decisions. We believe our approach and philosophy will define the emerging “Observability” category ($20B+ TAM).

💥 Values

  • Customers above everything else: When a customer is in trouble, we go the extra mile to resolve the issue.
  • Run towards the smoke: We are proactive. We don’t wait until a fire breaks out. We take charge of the situation rather than leaving it for someone else.
  • Win, with humility: We strive to create an environment where Observers can do, and be rewarded for, the best work of their career.
  • Reward risk: Observers can take calculated risks without fear of repercussions. We don’t punish failure - we learn from it, and we try again.
  • Be practical: Observers are bold and creative with ideas but, most of all, are practical with execution. We never let perfection be the enemy of good.
  • Let the data drive: We are transparent with data (code, customer feedback, salary ranges, forecasts, etc.) to eliminate noise and keep ourselves accountable.
  • Love, not hate: We create an inclusive and accepting environment for everyone to do the best work of their career.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • 100% healthcare coverage
  • Dependent coverage
  • Separate HRA budgets for out of pocket Medical/Dental expenses, Fertility/Adoption and Mental Health
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Fertility Benefits
  • Lactation Room at the office
  • 401(k) without matching
  • Commute stipends (parking pass & caltrain monthly pass)
  • Unlimited Vacation and Flexible Hours
  • Visa Support
  • Mental Health support services

🏆 Team

We are just over 70 Observe team members. We plan on hiring 1 or 2 more designers and as many great engineers as we can find, with a goal of 4. Right now, we have 3 designers and 6 front-end engineers.

🏢 Where we work

We have a very international team with 15 different countries represented! (France, Canada, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Portugal, Sweden, UK, Germany, Austria, Ukraine, Switzerland, USA, China, India).

✏️ Interview process

Our interviews for the frontend team consist of 2 phone technical screenings and an onsite.

  • The phone screening questions consist of HTML/CSS/javascript problems. We try to carve out plenty of time to answer questions about Observe and our team!
  • After the first phone screening, we get back in touch with you in 1-2 days to schedule the second phone screen. Following that, it takes us a day to decide if we want to move forward with an onsite.
  • The onsite consists of 3 more technical interviews and one behavioral interview with our designers.
  • If a candidate is rejected we reach out to them in the following 1-3 days via email.

We want the process to be 2-way, where the candidate gets to know us as well as us getting to know them. We conduct our interviews on Zoom, and we give the option to work remotely once you join Observe.

📈 Career growth

Every team member had an annual review in December where they are rated and calibrated by the management team to ensure a) fairness and b) potential promotions. Each team member receives a raise which takes into account their rating and their current salary.

Throughout the year, every team member has regular 1:1s with their manager and we expect performance to be discussed periodically at those 1:1s so nothing is a surprise in the annual review.

🖖 Work / life balance

We offer a flexible work environment. Team members can choose to work from the office or from home. We encourage local Bay Area employees who are fully vaccinated to come into the office periodically for the purpose of team building. About half our Bay Area employees are in the office each day.

Work can extend into the weekend but that is driven by ambition and/or schedule each team member chooses to keep. Of course, we never know when a critical customer issue will arise - one of our core values as a company is to ‘run towards the smoke’ when we see a customer in trouble. Given the nature of our business, team members are expected to fix critical customer issues regardless of time or day of the week.

Our asynchronous work and communications are almost entirely driven by Slack and Jira in engineering. We have no company phones - just cell phones - and exchange very little email.

✨ Work style

With COVID, the usual Friday “Happy Hour” was replaced with a Zoom-based demo meeting along with one of our team members sharing their “Life in 5 minutes”. It's an informal way to catch up on how the product has moved on during the week and also get to know a new team member. We have just restarted our monthly “Game Night” - we play team-based board games and enjoy some food and drink together as a team. We organize team social events several times a year - there is a family picnic in summer, a holiday party and have organized trips to Top Golf and SF Giants amongst other things in the past.

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