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🚀 Mission

Pair Team’s mission is to help underserved communities get better access to high-quality care.

Pair Team’s software platform enables care teams to assist safety-net clinics with patient engagement, care coordination, and complex care management. Ultimately, we help clinics lower costs and improve outcomes.

💥 Values

  • Progress. Our patients are high-needs and underserved, and the technology built to assist this population is virtually nonexistent. We strive for making improvements and don’t let perfect stand in the way.
  • Collaboration. Collaboration is at the core of our work. It is critical that Product and Care work together closely to ensure we’re aligned, prioritizing the most impactful problems on the fastest timeline with solutions that will help the team.
  • Empathy. We deal with complex patients, workflows, and problems. It’s important when building technology to understand the challenges our patients and our care team face on a daily basis.
  • Ownership. Every single team member at Pair Team goes above and beyond on a regular basis. We are a team that actively seek out ways to help each other, our patients, and our company.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Work anywhere, but you must maintain US hours
  • Comprehensive health, vision & dental insurance
  • 401k
  • Early-exercise stock option program
  • Flexible PTO
  • Meaningful product / impact on society

🏆 Team

Today, 33% of leadership roles are held by women. Company-wide, our team is >50% female or PoC.

🏢 Where we work

We are a fully remote team spread out across the Americas.

🖖 Work / life balance

Our platform is used primarily 7a-5p M-F, which helps us minimize our on-call and after-hours engineering support.

Deadlines are set based on both business/operational needs as well as to maintain scrappiness and force good prioritization. We never force the team to achieve an unreasonable deadline, and we change deadlines often as we better understand the project.

✨ Work style

Our product/eng team is remote-first, working across 4 timezones so we document everything, record meetings, and encourage async communication. We also use Slack and Google Meet, with 3x/week standups. We have a few coworking spaces in cities with a cluster of team members, who choose to go in 1x/week. We record meetings and keep everything documented for async access.

Team members are encouraged to socialize. We require get-to-know-yous for every new team member. We have a board game event on Fridays for those who wish to participate. Every all-hands includes break-out sessions with ice breakers to socialize and meet other team members.

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