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Our private network 100,000+ women are vetted, high-achieving professionals in engineering, product, design, data, sales, marketing, operations, and more.

Employer Branding

We will drive qualified women candidates to apply for jobs on your team.

Showcase your mission and the cultural qualities that make your team unique on your Elpha Company Profile. This is a great way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to building a diverse and inclusive team.

We then feature your company and your open jobs in homepage placements, newsletters, and editorial content. Our newsletters boast a 60%+ open rate, so this is a powerful way to reach in-demand candidates.

Hands-on Sourcing

Source from our Talent Pool of 40,000+ women that want to learn more about jobs at your company. This is a pool of candidates you wont have access to anywhere else.

Candidates in our Talent Pool are engaged. Companies who source through Elpha see an 83% open rate and 40% response rate from candidates.

Save Time & Money

In the Talent Pool, candidates share what matters most to them in their next job so you can dedicate time to candidates who you already know are a match.

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Within 2 months of using Elpha to source candidates, we hired 2 strong female software engineers -- one from Google and another from Coinbase.
We just made a hire via Elpha! Sourcing and reaching out to the candidate on Elpha was so fun. She joined us as a Senior Software Engineer II and has already been such an incredible addition to our team. Very excited and grateful!
The quality of people that we have found through Elpha have been very high. Two of them have turned into hires, an iOS Developer and our new Head of Engineering!
In our first three months of hiring with Elpha, we made two key hires for our team. Seeing so much detail about what candidates are looking for has helped us start on the same page and close candidates quickly!
Our matchmaking list was FIRE this week. Our Engineering, Product and Design leaders are also super excited about the level of engagement!
It’s been great to see the caliber of candidates coming from Elpha and the amount of mutual interest.