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🚀 Mission

Sequin (Forbes, Bustle, Fintech Mag) is the first debit card teaching women about the financial system and providing exclusive discounts to women focused & led brands (Thinx, Parade, Third Love & more!). Founded by Visa & PayPal credit experts, Sequin is on a mission to build a financial system designed with women in mind, and get women the credit we deserve - literally. Sequin is backed by high profile investors like Y Combinator, the Schwab Family, and IDEO.

💥 Values

We give credit where credit is due.

  • We recognize the enormity of the task ahead of us, and also its possibility.
  • We recognize that we are not doing the work of ending gendered inequity alone. This means that while some firms might choose to compete, we will pursue this work with a bias towards cooperation, partnership, and collaboration.
  • This also means, internally, that we will acknowledge and value the contributions of our teammates and highlight/uplift those contributions.

We are transparent and communicative.

  • The financial services industry is fraught with complex systems that grant access to some and not to others. We cannot promise to right everything that is wrong with the industry today; what we can promise is a good-faith effort to change what we can, and honest communication about why we make the decisions that we do.
  • Internally, this means that we create realistic expectations and work plans, communicate openly and in a timely way about blockers to our work, and lean in to challenges to understand nuance and gain clarity.

Lead with your head, heart, and hands.

  • Grounded in expertise and facts.
  • Have empathy for the felt experience of customers and colleagues.
  • Get your hands dirty! Build and learn as you go.

🏆 Team

We have a small team of two founders and three contractors across marketing, design, and operations. By the end of this year, we’re looking to hire 5-10 employees across engineering and business.

50% of our leadership roles are held by women including our co-Founder & CEO @vrinda who is a first-generation, immigrant women.

Vrinda worked at Visa for many years and was rejected from the credit card she built (the Chase Sapphire Reserve). She realized 70% of women experienced a negative credit experience due to spending on debit cards that don’t build credit. She recruited Mark Thomas, Co-Founder & CTO who had 10+ years of engineering experience at PayPal, and another decade at mission-driven companies.

🏢 Where we work

Our team is hybrid between San Francisco and remote.

✏️ Interview process

  • The first call will be with Vrinda, co-founder and CEO, who currently manages product and strategic initiatives.
  • After that call, there will be a follow-up call with Mark, co-founder and CTO, who manages engineering.
  • If we mutually decide to move forward, we will send you a take-home coding challenge (3-4 hours) that you’ll review in a 1-hour long meeting with Mark once complete.
  • If possible, we’d like to bring you in for a 1-2 week trial period to determine mutual fit.

If we decide not to move forward, we will try to provide feedback on why.

Read Sequin's Hiring Manifesto here

🖖 Work / life balance

As a mission-driven, early-stage startup, we work hard and care for one another deeply. Mental health days are encouraged and stepping away because it’s that time of the month is perfectly reasonable. Weekend work is completed asynchronously, and mostly by a personal desire to catch up for the week. One of our co-founders’ is a new parent, and we understand personal obligations as a team.

✨ Work style

We practice radical candor and radical empathy to move forward together as a team, with positive energy. Team bonding activities are encouraged!

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