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🚀 Mission

At Slab, we believe that knowledge is the foundation of any organization's success. When a team's collective knowledge is more accessible, that team's potential is limitless.

That's why we're making the workplace a source of learning and purpose through knowledge-sharing. Our product helps teams easily create, organize, and discover knowledge across the entire company, from non-technical to tech-savvy. Thousands of customers rely on Slab across their entire workforces, including Asana, Benchling, and Fivetran.

💥 Values

Each day, we are creating a lasting impact, applying deliberate company values:

  • Stay lean - We strive for the greatest possible impact with the fewest number of employees. We scale first with technology and process, before adding people.
  • Think rigorously - We act and execute after careful thought and examination of known information while acknowledging the risks accepted in their absence. We don't pretend we always have the best of both worlds.
  • Say no - We aim to deliver exceptionally high value in a small set of focus areas. We willingly abstain from good ideas to give only the most promising paths the attention they deserve.

Read more about our core values on our website!

☀️ Benefits & Perks

Slab's benefits are designed to be generous, equitable, and useful to all our employees. Rather than one-size-fits-all offerings like a gym stipend, we offer a wellness stipend that can be used more flexibly. We offer 100% medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage for our US-based employees, and those outside the US can choose between an equivalent stipend or full-time employment status and benefits via In both cases, spouses and dependents can be added to policies at the employee's cost. We also offer a $5,000 remote work setup stipend and a $350/month remote work reimbursement for all.

🏆 Team

We're currently a team of 15 full-time employees, distributed across North America, Europe, and Asia, and we currently have two female department leads— @mariluke and @rebeccaa, who was hired through Elpha!

🏢 Where we work

We are fully globally remote, and employees can work from anywhere.

✏️ Interview process

Intro call - 30 minutes: Quick call with a member of our team to get your questions answered and share more about the company, role, and process.

Take-Home Challenge - 1 hour: Virtual asynchronous challenge you can take at your time and comfort in the language of your choice. This is an algorithmic question that is intended to be harder than the average you'd encounter at Slab but achievable enough that we'd want you to be able to independently overcome when you do. In fact, we did encounter this problem and a solution exists in our real codebase. This should be solvable in 60 minutes with a hard time limit of 90 minutes.

Virtual Onsite Part 1, Experience and Architecture/Debugging - 2 hours: In one interview, we will dive deep into your most recent work relevant experiences, projects you worked on, your and your team's respective contributions, achievements you are most proud of, and challenges you learned most from. We will also architect the backend systems necessary to deliver a simple product and discuss optimizations, or debug and fix a few real bugs we have encountered in the past with a simplified setup of our historical codebase.

Virtual Onsite Part 2, Project - 2.5 hours: Simulation of what working together on a real project might look like. You will get starter code and will be tasked with either building a simplified feature from scratch or adding to an existing one one. We'll wrap-up with a final chat with our CEO.

Offer: Taking all our interview feedback, your past work experiences, and market compensation data, we put together 2-3 compensation packages that differ only in salary vs stock options. We aim to be in the 75th percentile based on market data, adjusted geographically between 0.7x to 1.0x.

References: We believe pre-offer references have limited practical benefit, while missing an opportunity to learn from people who know you best. Instead, we conduct post-offer calls to remove pressure on the reference and also potentially speak to closer references. The framing of the call is that we have already made an offer and want to get their advice on how to best work with you and your working style.

🖥 Engineering

At Slab, the quality of our product is key to our success. Our company values explicitly encourage us to “say no” and "think rigorously," and an emphasis on quality is woven into all aspects of our engineering team culture. We invest heavily in our developer productivity and code quality, sacrificing scope and speed when necessary. On a day-to-day basis, engineers have autonomy over how to approach the initiatives they are given. With our strong asynchronous culture, engineers rarely have to attend meetings and can stay in their focused flow.

📈 Career growth

We conduct formal performance reviews twice a year, with feedback shared on a regular basis in the interim to ensure that there are no surprises during reviews.

💰 Compensation

How we compensate and reward our Slab teammates is one of the most important demonstrations of our core values. In accordance, our policy is designed to be transparent, fair, and competitive across geographies. We benchmark salaries with the San Francisco job market for companies at our valuation range, targeting the 75th percentile. We then multiply this by one of four geographic tiers of job market demand, from 0.7x to 1.0x. We believe this approach strikes the best balance of practicality and fairness for most people, while remaining competitive for all. Read more about how we calculate offers over on our blog!

💜 Diversity, equity, inclusion & belonging

As we are a global team, our culture is intentionally designed to be inclusive for all and puts a premium on fairness and equity. DEIB practices are at the forefront of our recruiting efforts and we do have a dedicated budget.

💼 Management

We do have a dedicated People Ops function, but as we're a small team, most of us report to one of our founders. Since starting Slab, our founders have regularly worked with executive coaches and domain-specific advisors to ensure the quality of management at Slab. We conduct performance reviews twice a year for the whole team, and an annual 360 review for our founders.

🖖 Work / life balance

Slab is built for sustainability — for both the company and its people. As a global company distributed across North America, Europe, and Asia, we are productive asynchronous workers and don't have standard working hours. Employees are free to schedule their days with preferred breaks or flexibility to run personal errands. With only have 3-4 internal meetings per week, there is plenty of time for deep focused work!

✨ Work style

Work at Slab involves a high degree of autonomy, independent and self-driven work, and commitment to transparency and feedback. As a globally remote company, much of our work is asynchronous, with communication and collaboration happening via Slack and Slab itself. The meetings we do have are therefore valuable time and are designed to be as productive as possible. Most Slab employees will have three per week— a company-wide all-hands, a manager 1:1, and a team-specific sync. We also have a monthly virtual social event — recent events include a professional pumpkin-carving lesson and a tour of a Portuguese apiary — and an annual in-person offsite.

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