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Snackpass Careers

Snackpass is a social commerce app for mobile ordering from restaurants. They believe that in 5 years, restaurants will be entirely cashier-less. This summer they raised a $70m Series B led by Craft Ventures, it also includes Andreessen Horowitz (which led its $21 million Series A), General Catalyst, Y Combinator, Pioneer Fund, and a long list of individual backers.

Check out Snackpass Careers for remote jobs across the U.S. with optional office space in New York, L.A., and San Francisco. They claim local restaurants as their office with employees often ‘out in the field’, talking with restaurant partners, testing software and Snackpass mobile order, and ordering food!

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- The Elpha Hiring Team

Mission and Values

We're modernizing the in-store restaurant experience; making it streamlined, connected, and social by default.

Snackpass is building the future of local commerce, starting with social checkout for restaurants. We believe that in 5 years, restaurants will be entirely cashier-less. Snackpass mobile order and kiosk are the next generation of the in-store customer experience, replacing traditional registers with self-serve and personalized checkout.

We enable mobile ordering, group buying, and social rewards for users. On our platform, restaurants grow their brand by converting offline purchasers into digital followers, while saving on labor costs.

While we’ve seen the rise of online delivery apps, delivery makes up less than 10% of the restaurant market. The rest — takeout and dine-in — is a $600B market that remains offline, anonymous, and on the verge of disruption. There is an opportunity to make these offline transactions digital, self-service, and connected, and we’re leading this movement.

Our values:

  • We are hungry, hard-working, ambitious builders.
  • We are humble. We care more about what's right than being right.
  • We ask lots of questions, listen, and test our hypotheses before asserting opinions.

Team Size

We are currently 53 employees and we plan to double in size over the next year.

Women in Leadership


Work / Life Balance

We are fully remote. Evening or weekend work is certainly not expected (and driven by personal ambition if an employee chooses to work after hours).

Benefits & Perks

  • Health: Snackpass offers competitive benefits such as health, dental, and vision insurance.
  • Remote-friendly: With messaging tools like Slack and Discord, the office is wherever you are. Though remote-friendly, we also have cozy pods in San Francisco, Los Angeles, & New York.
  • Vacation: Unlimited paid time off and 12 paid holidays.
  • Parental Leave: Snackpass offers parents 12 weeks paid leave to spend time with family.
  • Professional development stipend: We encourage a growth mindset. Snackpass offers a professional development stipend and help finding industry mentors so you can continue to reach the next level.
  • Home Office Stipend: Everything you need to do your best work. Snackpass offers equipment like laptops as well as a home office stipend, and plenty of Snackpass swag.
  • Flexible hours: Sometimes we don't do our best work constrained to the traditional 9-5. We create an environment where people operate when and where they are most inspired.
  • Ample Snackpass swag
  • Employee referral bonus program

Performance Evaluations

We conduct annual performance reviews, at which time employee's are eligible for promotions and/or raises. We also coach managers to provide ongoing feedback/communication related to performance to direct reports in a weekly or bi-weekly cadence.


We have an amazing, seasoned Head of People and a team of 5 on the HR/Talent Acquisition team. Our Founders and deeply engaged in all things people, culture, and creating a positive work environment. We have strong processes in place to address and navigate HR issues and a very encouraging, safe environment for feedback.

Team Culture & Bonding

  • We look for clear thinkers and concise communicators.
  • We work at the lowest level of detail and highest level of strategy. We work on whatever is highest leverage and no work is "beneath us." We’ve been known to wash blenders so our restaurants could keep taking orders.
  • We love to have fun and keep things informal. We focus on what actually matters rather than unnecessary formalities.
  • We are a tight crew and great friends. We are inclusive, transparent, and have each others' backs. We believe feedback is a gift.
  • We work backward from a world-class customer experience. We go out of our way to ensure customers are happy — which often involves solving messy problems and inventing novel solutions.
  • The restaurant is our office. We are always out in the field, talking with restaurant partners, testing the product, and ordering food!

Interview Process

We start our process with an initial screen with one of our internal recruiters. The next step would be an interview with the hiring manager. Depending on the role, the next step would be a project/assessment and then a panel and/or cross-functional interview. For many of our roles, final candidates meet our founders too. We like to keep the momentum going and provide clear communication throughout the process.

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