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Mission and Values

Our mission is to move the world of work from the Earth 🌎 to the Cloud ☁️. Nearly two decades ago (😱), a group of our teammates met playing World of Warcraft, and it completely changed the way we looked at teamwork, collaboration, and what was possible using social time online. Even though we were on three different continents at the time, we built real relationships, pwned Alliance noobs together, became best friends, and now we're building a generation-defining company together.

As you're undoubtedly aware, the shift to remote and distributed work has unveiled some serious problems in communication, teamwork, culture-building, productivity, and collaboration, on even the best teams. Perhaps surprisingly, many of these problems mirror issues that gamers have solved in order to work together online for gaming (particularly in MMO-land). So, we're out to apply proven gaming principles to the business world to make remote, distributed, and hybrid work wonderful.

Now's our chance to make things right. By making the world of online work delightful and exactly what companies need, we have the chance to enable people to live their best lives and to seriously reduce environmental harm. We do this by working on our product: SoWork.

If we succeed, we get to make our collective childhood dream come true: we get to save the world.

Things we value:

We have an intense culture of personal and professional growth. We operate as a single unit of disciplined, focused warriors. On our team, there is no me over we. If you are aiming to join this team, please double-check that your motivations are team-first, and ask yourselves these questions:

  • Do you believe in our mission? (Mission: to move work from the 🌎 to the ☁️).
  • Are you ready to receive and take part in personal growth that you will not receive at any other company? (trust us on this one...).
  • Are you ready to commit to working like an elite sports team, where you grow just as much as the company does? The NZ All-Blacks are part of our inspiration (and we have two kiwi co-founders...whaaat!?).

Team Size

25 people today, will be closer to 50 within the next year’s time.

Women in Leadership

5/6 departments are lead by women (~80%).

Work / Life Balance

At SoWork, we work on what we call a ‘structured flexibility’ schedule. We come together as an entire organization at the start and end of the week, and throughout the weeks we have required and optional cross-functional meetings, like imagineering and growth squads. Then we split off into our sub-teams to determine what kind of schedule is needed for the sub-team to be successful (e.g. when do they want to meet, when do they want to work more asynchronously, etc). Then, once a sub-team has aligned on how they’ll operate and where they’ll overlap (in addition to where we overlap as an entire organization), each individual can work on a schedule that best suits their ability to be high functioning.

Because Team SoWork is incredibly cross-functional and spans so many timezones, we take asynchronous communication and documentation seriously. We have shared behaviours that we all use with our asynchronous tools, so that every teammate can get their work done even when others aren’t around. This allows everyone to be productive, ensures we reach our goals, and allows for flexibility in when and how people work.

On the weekends, we shift into a different cadence as an organization. Our office and other work tools get a lot quieter, and you’ll see more health and social shares around the Team. However, some teammates enjoy working on the weekends, so we make sure we document work well so they can work effectively, and many teammates are responsive on the weekends if they’re around. For those who work on the weekends, it’s because they’re excited about a project or furthering a skill or because they shift their schedule around to overlap with the weekend. We are still a young, ambitious startup, so sometimes we need to come together and make something big happen and work a weekend. When this happens, we make time before or after to re-calibrate (e.g. shut down the next weekday, add extra PTO, etc).

Benefits & Perks

We cover 80% of the premiums for several different health plans, dental, and vision. For each, we cover 50% of the premiums for dependants. We also offer 401k with a matching schedule, and will soon offer off-market rates for student loan refinancing and mortgage borrowing.

Performance Evaluations

We evaluate performance via what we call ‘personal growth plans’. These plans incorporate the teammate’s role and what it looks like to crush it, where they stand on each of our 7 cultural principles, and their personal and professional goals. Each teammate then seeks and receives feedback from their manager, the person who runs their 1:1s, their growth squad, and the founders.


We use an external HR team who is wonderful. For disputes, we are still of a size where these are handled in-house by the executive team directly.

Team Culture & Bonding

The SoWork culture is incredibly unique. We orient our culture around 7 principles and infuse those into everything we do. Our Team runs on endless personal growth, high performance, no blaming, benefit of the doubt, high accountability, and extreme personal responsibility. We learn, fail, win, and grow together. Team Sophya expects things much of the rest of the world doesn’t, but each teammate is rewarded with incredible growth and surrounded by a real Team that gets up every day to crush it together.

We designed our organization to be collaborative and cross-functional, so bonding with teammates as you crush your work together is just part of a regular day. Outside of the day-to-day, we have growth sessions together, play games, go on regular retreats, visit each others’ cities, run hackathons, celebrate birthdays, make memes of each other…

If you want to push yourself, grow, and be on an All Blacks level team, you will thrive at SoWork.

Interview Process

Our interview process is designed to be a two-way evaluation, where the candidate should be able to determine if SoWork is a good fit for them just as much as we are determining if they are a good fit for us. The process usually takes 2 weeks depending on the candidate's schedule and the spacing of the meetings. For leadership positions, the process takes a bit longer.

The process goes as follows:

A casual meeting with a co-founder or hiring manager

In this meeting, the purpose is to have a general conversation where we can get to know each other a bit and see if there’s a potential fit for the role. If both the candidate and SoWork are excited, we continue to the formal interview process.

The role fit phase

In this phase, we dig into the candidate's fit for the role that they’re applying for. This usually involves 1-3 meetings with the executive or a manager in the area, where we dig into the role details, expectations, and what it looks like to succeed. The candidate should be using this time to see if they’re excited about the role, and we use this time to see if they will be a strong fit.

There is a project to complete, which takes 2-8 hours depending on the sub-team and role.

If the candidate passes the role fit phase and is excited to continue, we move on to the culture fit phase.

The culture fit phase

In this phase, the candidate will have at minimum two 1 hour meetings with SoWork team members, one of which will be the COO/co-founder.

Depending on the role (e.g. leadership roles), there may be one or two additional meetings with other teammates.

The candidate is also encouraged and able to meet with as many other teammates as they like, in order to get to know the team and culture first-hand.

Open positions at SoWork