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🚀 Mission

Our work at Sparrow is to ensure no one needs to choose between a job they love and the people they love.

Companies partner with Sparrow because they care about their employees, and they want to support them through the most important and sometimes stressful times in their lives. The Sparrow team does all of the heavy lifting for Human Resources, payroll, and the employee taking leave, making the process simple and stress-free.

By combining incredible customer service and modern technology, Sparrow takes care of the most painful parts of leave management, ensures an exceptional employee experience, and assists with compliance for all types of leave nationwide.

We are always thinking about how we can better support employees and their teams as they take the time they need away from work, and we care deeply about the environment we have created for our own employees. In 2021, we were voted Elpha’s #1 Startup Workplace for Women by members of this community. (Thank you!)

💥 Values

  • Are driven by our mission. We’re uniquely positioned to improve people’s lives when they need it most. Our work is meaningful and gives us a sense of purpose.
  • Make one another better. We’re always learning, and that is why we value the ability to graciously give and receive the gift of candid, clear feedback on our work.
  • Think as an individual, build as a team. We hire incredibly smart, caring people with great ideas, and we want to put those ideas into action. We’re also a lean and nimble team, so we select our priorities carefully and drive the biggest goals forward as a team.
  • Respect diverse backgrounds. We’ve taken the time to identify the skills and characteristics that would make someone successful in each of our roles, and ensure that we are hiring for those. As a result, the Sparrow team is made up of people with all types of backgrounds, and we have teammates in 10 states and counting. Get to know our team through our blog.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

We want to make sure that you have the resources you need to do your best work, so we regularly benchmark our benefits on what other similar companies are offering. But the real benefit of working at Sparrow is working with an incredible team on a mission that matters.

Fully paid Health, Dental, and Vision

Sparrow covers employee premiums for some of the best health, dental, and vision plans available.

Work from Anywhere

While our HQ is in San Francisco, the Sparrow team was remote before being remote was cool, so we have strong remote-first work practices. We require that your workday have a significant overlap with the Pacific Timezone and changes should be communicated and consistent.

Flexible time off

We encourage you to do what you need to find the appropriate balance to stay happy, healthy, and productive, so we provide flexible time off (with guidance of three weeks).

Robust family and medical leave policies

We aim to support our teammates through whatever their life throws at them, which is why we provide 12 weeks of paid parental leave and medical leave in-line with industry benchmarks.

Training & Mentorship

We believe in investing in the team’s growth. When you start at Sparrow, you’ll begin with 2-4 weeks of training and onboarding. Then, you’ll be paired with a mentor who will provide you with support. We work very cross-functionally, so we support everyone in learning about areas outside of their core expertise.

Work From Home Support

Reimbursement up to $200 to assure people have what they need to work effectively at home.

🏆 Team

The Sparrow team is 40 people strong, and we plan to triple our headcount this year.

60% of leadership roles are currently held by women. 50% of leadership roles are currently held by people of color.

✏️ Interview process

While the precise timeline may vary a bit from role-to-role, almost all of our interviews follow the same formula:

  • Phone-screen (30 mins)
  • Short take-home skills assessment (30-120 mins)
  • Screenshare skills assessment (60-90 mins)
  • On-site interview (2-3 hours)

We have the process we do because, with no external time-pressure, it might take two to three weeks from start to finish. If the candidate is on a timeline, we might be able to complete our assessment in as little as a week. We’re mindful of candidate’s constraints and work with them to determine an interview plan that will work for them.

Please meet your potential future colleagues:

📈 Career growth

We run formal semiannual 360 reviews. Additionally, performance is evaluated based on employee and role-specific KPIs that the employee develops alongside their manager.

🖖 Work / life balance


Most of us start work between 8 and 9:30am and leave the office between 5 and 7pm local time. We have employees in each US timezone, and each person works with their manager to decide whether to work in our local timezone or on pacific time, which is the local time for about half the team. The team is very collaborative and we value having significant overlap with each other more than we value working specific hours.


We’ve established lightweight methods for communicating short and long-term schedule changes to support people in taking the time they need.

Our mission is part of our daily work

Our company’s mission is to ensure that people don’t have to choose between the job they love and the people they love, and the team’s approach to work/life balance follows this principle as well.

✨ Work style

Teammates most frequently describe their interactions as collaborative and supportive, and many share specific instances when an insight improved their work or lightened their workload.

The Sparrow team cares about each other and we have lots of ways to stay connected:

  • We celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, accomplishments, and contributions. We’re a low-ego, mission-driven team, and celebrating each other is an important part of our day. We even dedicated our Friday company-wide standups to sharing wins and shouting out teammates who have helped us during the week.
  • Feedback, from peers, managers, and customers, is welcomed as an important part of our work at Sparrow. We’re always thinking about what can be better.
  • We have a well-organized team chat, with streams for different aspects of our work, as well as areas for our pets (many Sparrow pets have dedicated channels and we follow their adventures with great interest!) and hobbies (we cheer on each others’ endeavors).
  • We have a weekly afternoon team time where we break into small groups and discuss the important things in life. Some groups will chat about their families or weekend plans, while other groups answer sometimes hotly-contested questions like “how many holes does a straw have?”

Our leadership team is very intentional about team support and aware of differences in what team members may experience. For example, during stressful times (eg. the 2020 election), our leadership team recognized that everyone processes stressful events differently, and created a channel on our internal chat for those who wished to discuss the news to do so, which allowed those who wanted to separate themselves from the news cycle to do so.

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