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🚀 Mission

Authentication is a frustrating experience for both developers and users; we’re solving that with a developer-friendly platform.

💥 Values

  • The words our employees most often use to describe Stytch are, “empathetic, ambitious, and collaborative”
  • Our values are: “Design for the future; build for the present”, “Act with empathy”, “Think exceptionally”, and “Trust like it’s Christmas 1914” (which makes more sense during onboarding).
  • We have two main company priorities, one of which is product-focused and the other of which is people-focused (make Stytch the best place you will ever work!). We think making Stytch successful means focusing not only on our product but on our people as well!

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Health Insurance*
  • Vision Insurance*
  • Dental Insurance*
  • Life Insurance*
  • 401k (not matching yet, given our size)
  • $500 WFH reimbursement or $200 office supply reimbursement
  • $100 monthly wellness stipend
  • Unlimited PTO
  • $500 yearly education stipend
  • In office lunches 4 days a week
  • In office dinners 2 nights a week
  • Office snacks and drinks
  • Flexible WFH
  • Great swag!

* Stytch pays for most (90%-100%) of the premiums for these.

🏆 Team

Current team is 26 people. We plan to hire around 5-10 more this year.

Women make up 50% of executive level leaders and 66% of managers.

✏️ Interview process

The typical interview process consists of a hiring manager phone screen, a technical or job specific phone interview, and a 3-4 hour final round.

📈 Career growth

We have a formal review process bi-annually. This consists of a 360 review (self, peer, and manager) and a performance review conversation with your manager. Before the performance review, we run a calibration process with our People team and managers to ensure that every person is being evaluated equitably and fairly and any compensation changes are similarly equitable.

Beyond that, we have run a feedback process on some of our teams every ~6 weeks. This is an opportunity for you to give and receive feedback on recent projects that you’ve worked on.

We believe performance should be discussed often and feedback should be given and received regularly in order to ensure growth and transparency.

💼 Management

We have a dedicated People Ops team whose role is to enable managers to help grow and support their teams, help guide and build a diverse, inclusive, and equitable environment for our employees, create career opportunities for our people, create and communicate clear processes that help Stytch run smoothly, and much more.

Oftentimes, it is the People team’s role to provide the proper tools and resources for our employees to do their job well and grow. In the case of an internal dispute, for example, our People team may suggest a few different frameworks for having tough conversations or giving difficult feedback (crucial conversations, radical candor, etc.). The People team would seek to understand the situation, intervene where necessary, and help employees navigate a tough conversation with the goal of reconciliation and learning.

🖖 Work / life balance

We value a good work/life balance at Stytch. We are remote-friendly and don’t believe that hours in the office equates to a great employee or great output (we evaluate performance based on output and productivity). We treat our employees with respect and create an environment of flexibility -- with that comes a lot of autonomy and freedom.

When people are in the office, they usually come in between 8am-10am and leave between 5pm-6pm. There is occasional weekend / evening work (we do have on-call schedules) but it is pretty rare and driven by personal ambition rather than business deadlines.

✨ Work style

When we asked our people to describe what it was like to work at Stytch, the common themes were “collaborative, empathetic, and ambitious”. We have a group of highly motivated and empathetic people who are working towards a common goal (it’s awesome).

When it comes to socializing and bonding, we’ve found that in-person bonding is a blast when it’s safe to do so (we’ve gone to a Giant’s game and to happy hours) but we also like to make room for virtual bonding to include our remote folks! We try to switch up our virtual bonding because Zoom can be a snooze sometimes and have tried Among Us, online Pictionary, and a software called Gatheround!

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