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Check out Superhuman careers if you love productivity, place a big emphasis on putting the customer first, and are looking for a place where your voice will be heard (set your own OKRs!). Superhuman’s customer experience for email includes features like A.I. triage, undo send, analytics, insights from social networks, follow-up reminders, scheduled messages, read statuses, and more. The team at Superhuman invests in you as a person with $3000 per year towards professional development and a formal Allyship at work education program.Learn more about Superhuman careers below. 👇- The Elpha Hiring Team

Mission and Values
We are building the fastest email experience in the world. Our customers fly through their inbox twice as fast as before – more than half hit Inbox Zero within 4 hours. At Superhuman, we deeply understand how to build products that people love. We incorporate fun and play; we infuse magic and joy; we make experiences that amaze and delight. We care deeply about customer experience and our product is loved and adored: see what our customers say at all starts with the right team — a team that deeply cares about values, customers, and each other.Some things we value: • Create delight: With every action, we aim to pleasantly surprise our customers. We also create delight for each other! • Remarkable quality: We're here to do the best work of our lives. We strive to think through and elegantly solve every edge case. We go the extra mile to provide solutions to our customers. • Be intentional: We think deeply about how customers will feel when we design new experiences. This applies to the entire customer journey, as well as our internal decision-making.Come shape the future of email, communication, and productivity!
Team Size
We are just over 100 employees
Women in Leadership
Work / Life Balance
When we're in the office, the office is usually empty before 7:30am and after 6:30pm. This doesn't mean that individuals are working from 7:30am to 6:30pm, but most people aren't working earlier or later than that. Weekend work is incredibly rare and more a reflection of personal preference. We prioritize an environment where people are able to focus on outcomes and take the time they need for themselves and those they love.
Benefits & Perks
• Medical, dental and vision insurance: 100% coverage for you, 60% coverage for all your dependents.• Voluntary insurance: short-term disability, long-term disability, and life insurance.• 401(k) plan (non-company matching).• Take as much vacation as you like!• Flexible parental leave – 12 weeks paid for every parent.• $3000 per year towards your professional development.• Allyship education program to help build your best self.• Custom MacBook Pro + $3000 workstation setup budget.• All your lunches catered or expensed.• Flexible spending accounts for commuter costs, dependent care, and healthcare expenses.• Flexible work schedule. • Remote friendly.• Visa support including applying/sponsoring for Green Cards.• Dedicated HR department and employee Code of Conduct.• Relocation assistance.
Performance Evaluations
We evaluate employee performance using a quarterly OKR process where the employee and their manager work together to set individual OKRs for what success looks like in that quarter. We are actually in the process of creating a performance review process that will go live in Q4. It is essential to us that performance conversations shouldn't be limited to performance reviews. We work hard at Superhuman to create a culture of actionable, omnidirectional feedback. Hence, at any given time, individuals always know what they're doing well and how to lean into their strengths, and their main opportunities to maximize their impact on the team and company. When launching our performance review process, we're intentionally designing it to be more objective and inclusive. We seek to make it a process people look forward to.
We brought on Kristen Hayward, our Head of People, in February of 2020. We have a safe reporting policy and Kristen handles all investigations, anonymizing names and ensuring confidentiality is protected as much as possible. To approve a departure, Kristen will sit with the manager and review the documentation and results – to ensure this outcome has been made clear and expectations were fair. We will also perform an audit to ensure this decision is fair and equitable relative to how others are being treated on the team. Second, we treat the employee with respect both during the departure conversation and after. For the actual conversation, Kristen and the manager are present. The manager explains the decision and offers to be a reference for them.
Team Culture & Bonding
Our culture and workdays reflect our product: we incorporate fun and play; we infuse magic and joy; we create experiences that amaze and delight.We asked our team for some verbatims and heard "delightful", "intentional", and "transparent".
Interview Process
We try to make the process as delightful as possible by treating candidates with respect in our communication, transparency, and timeliness.• Candidates can expect one or two calls (30-60 minutes each) before an invitation for an onsite interview – presently conducted via video.• Depending on the role, an onsite interview may have three to five different meetings. Our recruiting team will often offer candidates a prep call in advance – to help candidates know what to expect and how to prepare. • If candidates move past the first onsite, we will schedule an AMA-style social that allows them to meet people on the team they'll be joining. This isn't an interview and we don't grade it.• From there, we would check references and prepare an offer to invite them to join the team! If at any point we feel like it's not a good fit on either side, we let candidates know as soon as possible. For some roles, that may happen live during a call or an onsite. For others, it may be a follow-up email. We are always happy to leave the door open if things change in the future!
Please meet some of your potential future colleagues: @teresaman @ketkiduvvuru @catwilmers and @anitaisalska. If you’re curious about what it’s really like working at Superhuman, please reply to this post with questions.Articles on Elpha:On creativity, design teams, and bootstrapping UX: a conversation with Superhuman lead designer, Teresa Man

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