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Mission and Values

Favor, formerly known as The Pill Club, is a wellbeing coalition dedicated to accessible, affordable birth control, skincare, menstrual care, and more. Favor is the easiest way for women and people who menstruate to address their sexual health and overall wellbeing, regardless of where they live or if they’re covered by health insurance–making Favor an affordable, accessible telehealth provider.

Starting with birth control, we’ve built in-house medical and pharmacy capabilities all integrated with insurance, to create a superior customer experience. In doing so, we have defined digital contraceptive care for women and people who menstruate and are the nation’s leading integrated healthcare platform, combining telemedicine and direct-to-consumer pharmacy with the broadest insurance coverage in the space. Our ambition is to bring this level of superior customer experience to all areas of digital primary care for women and people who menstruate.

Our Values

  • Care More: We consider others’ points of view, always. Better yet, we invite any and all viewpoints and experiences into discussions and decisions. We communicate clearly, kindly, and with compassion.
  • Dream Big, Start Small, Make Haste: We are mission-driven. We ask ourselves- and act against- what’s necessary *now* to eventually make the impossible possible. We are adaptable, quick to pivot when needed, and are always willing to try new ways of doing things.
  • Operate with Unrelenting Detail: We ask questions and dig deeper to understand the bigger picture. Our actions and decisions are sound and data-informed.
  • Own the Outcome: Making progress is always the goal. We change or flag things that don’t work- bad habits don’t stick simply because they’re habits. Team results take precedence over individual achievements; projects are structured so that we’re all the heroes, together.
  • Find the Fun: We are authentic and optimistic. This means that every mistake is an opportunity to learn and do better. We believe in bringing joy into the everyday.

Women in Leadership

Women make up 62.5% of the Executive Leadership Team.

Benefits & Perks

  • Medical, dental, vision
  • Voluntary life insurance
  • Sixteen weeks of parental leave, paid at 100%; eligibility begins day one
  • Between ten days and sixteen weeks of pregnancy loss leave, depending upon length of gestation; eligibility begins day one
  • Income protection (STD and LTD)
  • HSA, FSA
  • Annual learning stipend
  • Commuter benefits
  • Perkspot membership (discounts on things like travel, gym memberships, etc)
  • Discounted pet insurance
  • Sofi (personal finance management)
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Anthem Future Moms (resources for expecting parents)
  • LiveHealth (virtual physician)
  • Rightway (cost/quality comparison & appointment assistance)
  • Carrot (family planning assistance - up to 15K per covered member)
  • Aaptiv (unlimited access to virtual workouts)
  • Headspace (1000+ hours of meditation assistance).


Our full-service HR team is comprised of generalists, recruiters, and benefits experts who are dedicated to the acquisition, retention, growth, and wellbeing of our employees.

Team Culture & Bonding

While many employees are remote, there are so many opportunities for culture building at Favor. Whether it’s digital scavenger hunts, personal insights inventories for teams, or just talking about what you’d do if you suddenly had ten million dollars tomorrow, every person here believes that who you are is just as important as what you do. You’ll find friendly colleagues, a growth mindset-oriented culture, and engaging work when you join Favor.

Interview Process

  • 30-minute screen with Recruiter - Favor overview, team/role overview. You’ll be asked for a summary of your career and what you’re looking for next. If you are interviewing for roles of a certain seniority, behavioral questions could be part of this interview. You might be asked questions around technical qualifications, depending upon the role.
  • 45- to 60-minutes with Hiring Manager - This is a chance for you to spend time with your potential future manager. They’ll go through your career with you, too, though their questions will dig deeper on the technical side of things. Behavioral questions could play a role in this interview.
  • You will be asked to complete a small assignment, participate in a group exercise, or share your experiences with a small panel (typically two to four people, depending upon the nature of the role). We believe that giving you a taste of the work you’ll be doing and the team you’ll be working with is critical to YOU making the right decision for you! We hope that Favor is the best choice for you, but even if it isn’t, this is the part of the process that will give you key info for making that decision.
  • When an offer is made, candidates will be given a week (seven days) to make a decision. All candidates not selected to move forward will be notified via phone call or email.

If you're interested in learning more about Favor, request an intro to the team or apply for an open role!

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