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🚀 Mission

Volley makes voice-controlled games and entertainment for Alexa, Google Home, and mobile devices. The problem we solve is that most people’s lives could use more fun!

Volley believes in fostering talent from all walks of life, including non-traditional paths such as bootcamps. We have a strong focus on product sense, as well as an empathetic and supportive culture on our product teams. We place lots of trust in our team, and we invest in their professional growth so that they can make the most of their time at Volley.

Here are some quotes from our current engineers:

  • One of my main priorities during my job search is to find a company where I can completely and fearlessly be my true self. I found that in Volley.
  • One thing that stood out immediately— even during my interviews— is how fulfilled everybody seems about their work. They talk with expression, enthusiasm and excitement, which was new to me!
  • Everyone is willing to help one another accomplish their tasks and genuinely wish for their peers to succeed. If I’m ever stuck on a problem for hours, someone will always be more than willing to jump on a call and pair-program with me.
  • I feel like recommendations are actually listened to and acted upon because the leadership is open to trying new things. This leads to plenty of opportunities to reflect on our current processes and offer suggestions.

☀️ Benefits & Perks

  • Vacation: We provide 20 days’ vacation with a 2 week minimum, as well as 16 holidays per year.
  • Sick leave: You can’t plan for the number of days you’ll be sick in a year (if only!), so we offer unlimited sick days, just in case!
  • Parental Leave: We offer 24 weeks fully paid to the birthing parent, and 12 weeks fully paid to non-birthing (or adoptive) parents.
  • Healthcare: We offer fully covered medical dental and vision plans along with an annual membership to One Medical.
  • 401k + match: Starting January 2022, Volley will be offering a generous matching policy to our current 401k plan!
  • Perks: Volley currently provides monthly stipends for transportation and lunch, and an annual professional development stipend to help you grow in your career!

🏆 Team

We are 43 people and growing quickly!

✏️ Interview process

Volley’s interview process is focused on moving candidates from application to decision as quickly as possible. In that spirit, we offer two potential paths from the outset:

  1. Start with a 30-minute call which would include a technical discussion (no need to write code). This would be followed by a take-home exercise targeting a few hours to complete.
  2. Or, our full technical interview which lasts 60 minutes and includes a more intense, in-depth coding exercise. There is no take-home assignment on this path.

Both of these paths will culminate in a paid, full-day onsite.

📈 Career growth

We have a full performance and compensation review every January, along with a light “check-in” at mid-year. Each discussion involves the setting of goals for the coming six months, along with a review of goal progress from the prior cycle. We utilize consistent and ongoing 1:1 feedback to ensure there are no surprises during the review.

🖖 Work / life balance

We work hard to emphasize a good work-life balance. We generally operate between the hours of 10am and 6pm, and are flexible when it comes to scheduling!

✨ Work style

We organize team events often, and have worked hard to make sure that folks have a personal connection, even during covid. Some events that we’ve had over the past year:

  • Picnics in Alamo Square Park
  • Scavenger hunts in union square
  • Our hallowed annual hackathon!
  • Halloween murder mystery, trivia and Roryography events over Zoom
  • The occasional VR night!
  • Team dinners
  • Bi-weekly Show & Tell
  • Regular happy hours with the occasional DDR machine rental

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