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Mission and Values

We are a Public Benefit Corporation working on spreading the rewards of capitalism more fairly - by funding more deserving and underrepresented founders, backed by their friends and community who believe in what they are doing, and by empowering everyday people to be investors in private companies.

Our Values:

  • The Charter is the North Star: We’re here to fix capitalism - to create more wealth and spread it around more fairly. We inspire founders to take their shot, to be the best versions of themselves. We help everyone - not just the wealthy - vote with their dollars on what our society should invest in.
  • Invest in each other: Care about the growth of those around you as much as you care about your own. Operate with no ego; ask for feedback and give it often. Take time and energy to level up the people around you, regardless of their position or team.
  • Do the right thing: Values are only values if we hold true to them when it is hard. Always do the right thing for founders, investors, and our team, even if it hurts our results in the short-term. We are here to maximize long-term impact; that comes from doing right by people.
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Team Size

We are about 60 right now (and have already doubled our team size since January 2021). We are looking to grow quickly, likely doubling again in 2022.

Women in Leadership


Work / Life Balance

We truly believe in work-life balance, and understand that different people have different ways of accomplishing that, and that big life events can adjust the desired mix from year to year. A typical day in the office spans from 9am - 6pm, but weekend work is mostly driven by personal ambition.

Doing great work involves some measure of sacrifice. But we never want anyone to sacrifice their long-term happiness. Life is short. It's bad for humans to do that for too long. It's also bad for Wefunder if you burn out and quit.

With that in mind, here’s some ways we encourage balance: unlimited, untracked PTO, sick days, 3-month paid maternity/paternity leave, and a 3-month paid sabbatical after 3 years.

Benefits and Perks

  • Healthcare, Dental, Vision, 401K: Wefunder covers 100% of health care, dental, and vision. We also offer a 401k plan.
  • Unlimited Vacation: We don't track vacation or personal days. But we do mandate you take at least three weeks off. One of our values is that friends don't let friends burn out!
  • All-Expense Paid Vacation: Once a year, the team goes somewhere cool, all expenses paid. Previously: Greece, Thailand, Hawaii, Italy, and three train trips across the U.S.
  • Gym or Rock Climbing Membership: Free memberships at a gym of your choice. We also go rock climbing as a team sometimes!
  • Classes & Learning: If you can learn something useful, we'll pay for it. Classes don't need to be directly related to your job.
  • The Equipment You Want: Set up your workstation with anything you need.
  • We'll invest in your next company: If you've worked at least two years, and want to start your own thing, we're happy to be your first investor.
  • Food & Drinks: Our kitchen is always well stocked with foods and drinks. Lunch is provided daily; we often eat lunch together as a team.
  • 3 month sabbatical: After three years of service, get three paid months off.
  • Untracked Vacation Policy & Sick Days: We have an unlimited vacation policy. By "unlimited", we mean that instead of tracking vacation days and making you ask for permission, we judge you on your contribution instead. We don't track sick days. Nothing is more important than your health! And please don't infect us.
  • Maternity Leave: We offer 3 months of paid maternity leave. If more time is needed, part-time or unpaid sabbaticals are an option.
  • Paternity Leave: We expect new fathers might need to take up to 6 weeks of paid paternity leave.
  • Tired? Take a nap: We have a few comfortable nap areas. No judgment if you need a quick afternoon nap.
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Performance Evaluation

Each team evaluates performance differently, but generally speaking we’re a meritocracy - if you’re doing well in your role, more opportunities will open up to do more.


We’re not at the size yet where we have a dedicated HR team. Our VP of Operations plays this role part-time for now. To date, just about every dispute has been handled by the person(s) having the dispute, without a formal HR person needing to get involved - but that resource is available if needed.

Team Culture & Bonding

We hire people who can be themselves at Wefunder. The culture is honest, a little bit weird, hardworking, and fun. We truly look out for one another and build relationships that extend past working hours.

A typical day includes thoughtful conversations, dogs running underfoot, and walks along Crissy Field with colleagues. And when the work day wraps up? Sometimes we head to happy hour, sometimes we’ll go rock climbing, and sometimes we all retreat to our own lives for the evening.

We also host regular dinners with founders from the platform and take team trips near and far (Lake Tahoe and Hawaii have been two recent favorites). Three times, the entire company has taken the Amtrak coast to coast, stopping in 12 cities over 10 days, meeting our users face-to-face.

Interview Process

Engineering interviews:

  • Phone screen
  • Work Sample
  • 1 hour technical interview (w/ 2 engineers)
  • full day onsite (compensated regardless of outcome)

Non-tech interviews:

  • 1-3 phone screens
  • full day onsite interview

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