2 positions: Employee #1 and CTO for post-revenue startup (pre-funding)

Edit 4/15/21: Please see my separate job posting for employee #1: for a CTO to compliment myself (MIT CS and ex-Software Engineer at Google, so also fairly technical). Salary + equity negotiable.YouMeWho's mission is to transform social commerce with fun, engaging ways to buy/sell/trade. The startup just got an offer from a prestigious accelerator (name to be disclosed in private). In the past year we've grown from 2000 MAU to 380,000 MAU, with a subscription service that started 7 months ago in September that has reached $58k MRR, with over 10,500 paid subscribers.As the startup's first key hire and the CTO, your role will be to work with the founder to execute the vision from a technical standpoint.You are a strong full-stack engineer, and are willing and able to pick up new technologies fast. Ideally, you have experience in ReactJs/ReactNative and/or Flutter, and backend technologies like nodejs, mongo, postgres, graphql, cloud functions, and AWS.You are comfortable architecting with complex requirements. Building a product from the ground up is hard, but trying to build a complimentary V2 with an existing V1 with many users is even harder. You will be brainstorming and making architectural decisions hand-in-hand with the founder on how to go from V1 to V2.You will be heavily involved in day-to-day coding, but will eventually transition to a more managerial role as the company grows. Initially, your leadership role will involve recruiting and leading a team of 2-5 engineers to help execute the plan. You don't have to already have managerial experience, but being able to grow into this role is important.You will help set the company culture. But just FYI, the founder really cares about transparency, honesty, ability to laugh at oneself, and treating one another like family.
Hey @vivienneI think I am the best person who can help you out in this situation if you are looking for CTO to compliment yourself.I have worked as a software engineer with one of the FAANG companies πŸ˜‰and also I am a tech co-founder at Neurastats.So, I work closely with a lot of early founders and have several clients in the very early stages of building their businesses.DM me or email me at [email protected] if you’d like to chat and see how can we collaborate with each other.
Hi Monisha, thanks for reaching out. I'm not looking for a dev house at the moment, but if that changes in the future I'll let you know. Thanks!
I literally came here to tag you Monisha but great to see you two connected :-) And @vivienne so happy to hear the growth! I am still waiting for my investor update haha :-)
Please check your inbox for a surprise @iynna!!
@vivienne MADE MY DAY! I am SO proud and SO lucky to be watching you crush it! Keep going!!
Hello @vivienne I sent you a DM.
Hi,I wanted to check in regarding your search for the CTO position. If the process is still ongoing and you have not yet found a suitable candidate, I wanted to express my continued interest in the role. I believe my background and experience make me well-suited for the responsibilities of a CTO.Please let me know if you would like to schedule a meeting or have any questions for me.Best Regards,Parul