What do women want from a recruiting platform ?

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Hello, I would not see a job platform should be different for men or women.However 1) sharing or connecting female role models in roles / each sectors would be hugely beneficial as there are not many of them out there. Like Elpha, I guess :-)2) State % of female in the company would also help
Great points Hhuang. I agree knowing how many women leaders / % of women are in the company you are applying to is helpful. Does that information rank highly in your / women's decision to switch jobs ? And if so why ? Am just wondering if we women have different criteria for job switches & so are there aspects a job platform / recruiters must cater to differently for women than men. Thanks for your replies everyone.
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I believe having that information is already a first step towards a more equal future so yes it will impact my preference with a company. Otta.com have that info now.
1) Options for remote work especially for wo/mxn outside the US/West.2) Localized job openings3) Easy applications - ability to apply for jobs in the app, not getting redirected to a different link and filling up forms over and over again
yes, remote jobs, localized postings are even more important post pandemic and I agree , ease of application is such an imp point. thanks !
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Reviews from current/ex-employees, esp. a parameter for gender inclusion and relevant benefits (maternal leave, childcare stipend etc.) I spend a LOT of time on Glassdoor searching for this kind of info. Salary expectations upfront.