Immigration: Anyone experiencing delays receiving their EAD cards?

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Wow! I have waited in the past but not a full year...!However I do know there is a huge shortage of labor. Have you discussed with your lawyer because if you started the process before your deadline to apply for a renewal you should be eligible for some sort of receipt granting you the right to work while you await for the official paper. That's how it worked for me in the past at least, however best to check with the lawyer!
Thanks, Iynna for your reply! Actually, I applied for the EAD not for renewal but for the very first time. I am actually talking with my lawyer on this and he has no idea how long USCIS will take to process. I believe receipt granting might have worked for you because you were renewing your EAD but I will still touch base on that with my lawyer. I hope everything works out soon :)