”Why should we hire you?” How to best answer

Entering a job interview, one of the frequently asked questions is: “Why should we hire you?”. If you think about it, the interview process is trying to answer exactly this question. This article unpacks the essence of crafting a compelling response to this pivotal interview question. We delve into strategies and sample answers designed to leave a lasting impression. Understanding the art of responding not only showcases your qualifications but also how you stand apart from the competition.

"the interview process is trying to answer exactly this question." precisely! thank you for sharing this!
I would also treat "Why do you want to work on this position" or "Why do you find this position interesting" the same way as for the question "Why should we hire you" because not all of the recruiters ask that question specifically but you need to find a way to insert your speech on why you are a good candidate and what makes you to stand out.
As someone who has struggled with answering this question, this is great to learn. Thank you!