New platform - Skye - Executive Coaching


I am the founder of Skye - a platform matching leaders to a world class coach, uniquely suited for their needs.

Our coaches have built and sold companies, and have led teams at McKinsey, Dropbox, BCG, Oscar Health, Lyft, Warby Parker, Google and more.

We specialize in cosching in career

planning, leadership, confidence and clarity.

We are hiring! My #ask is for marketing recommendations for social, content and growth.

Please email resumes to [email protected]

Thank you!!

Hi @JessicaWolf! I stumbled upon this post, and I'm checking out your website, congratulations, and what a perfect time to be in this space! I'm excited for you and for what lies ahead for Skye. I'm an Executive Coach & Holistic Life Design Coach, and I work with several other executive coaching companies such as Prismaticco and Co Lab. I'm curious to learn more about Skye, so I'm filling out the coach application on your website now. One note is that every time I try and upload my photos they seem to disappear, so I don't think they are being saved. I just wanted to let you know in case it's a bug, and I can email them over in the meantime if that's helpful. I would love to learn more about Skye and how I could help you grow in this exciting time, let me know if you or someone on your team would want to hop on a quick call to explore opportunities for collaboration. Best,Sasza Lohrey [email protected]