COO - equity package advice

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Hi @kristinacahoj, congrats on your raise! I don't have any advice for this situation, but I'm wondering if you intended for this post to be public?
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Hi, I don't have a specific answer but when I went through this I used The Founder's Dilemma as a guide. It helps you scope out roles & responsibilities, goals & contributions so you can align what you think your needs and constraints are with the position. Love that you're doing menopause research - this is going to be eventually ;)
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Hi @kristinacahoj - my name is Shermin Lakha and I am an attorney that represents startups, digital companies, and entrepreneurs. I often assist companies in determining equity for their shareholders as well as drafting the associated agreements. Feel free to reach out to me at and we can set up a consultation time.
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Hi! The numbers will be all over the place given the stage you're at but I'd make sure you have it on a vesting schedule with a cliff since this will be a hefty equity package. I'd start with the cash and then work backwards. I'm pasting some numbers below from the 2019 VC Exec Comp survey.