We're looking for an Operations Manager for our studio (we build regenerative companies)

Hello everyone! We at 3101 are hiring! 😊

We’re a small remote studio focused on creating regenerative companies. 🌍

Our first project will be an online community for people who want to redefine their relationship with work. If everything goes well, next year we’ll also be launching new eco-friendly home and lifestyle products to make life a bit more delightful and accessible. We have many more ideas lined up, but we're not in a rush, we're in this for the long run, so we really need an operations manager who is interested about helping us plan and launch both digital and physical products.

If you or someone you know might be interested in becoming our Operations Manager, here is the link to the job description:

Wishing all of you happy holidays! 💚

This looks like an amazing role… would you mind sharing the compensation? For someone in the US initially then somewhere in EU (likely Paris or London)
Hi Lonna90!As we’re starting and are considering offering equity, our ranges might not be super good for people in high cost of living locations.If the person is the right one for our company and responsibilities, we can consider part-time or freelance options - more than anything we want to be fair and conscientious of everyone’s compensation. Yes, we will be one of those companies that if we hire someone with a higher paying salary, we will update the current salaries’ team members.If you’re looking for something > 40 USD/hour, then I need to say that it’s not the right time, maybe in the future. I want to make sure we have proper runway as we’re bootstrapped and are now doing product validation.We’re currently defining our ranges and our compensation plan with the goal that it accompanies our growth, this is why the job description is not transparent on this.We’re working on a transparent salary policy and a remote first compensation policy (based on role and expertise and not location), but the latter will not happen right from the start.If you have any other questions, please let me know. Happy to answer DMs too.
Thank you SO much for taking the time to draft such a thorough answer and giving so much clarity. All of this makes perfect sense and I totally understand the desire to compensate fairly while making sure the company can run (I was a founder so I can totally appreciate this). I need to give a think on this all and would potentially love to be considered!
Thank you so much Lonna90! Although I have 10 years of work experience with different companies and non-profits at different growth stages, I am a first time founder, so I am still figuring things out. If you decide to apply, I can assure you I consider all applications thoughtfully. And please enjoy your holidays, no need to apply right away, I don't make decisions until I review all applications. Happy holidays!
What an amazing role and company vision! Seconding the thanks below for your compensation reply- that is super helpful. I will get an application in and would love to talk more!
Hi AbbyJoslin! Thank you so much for the kind words and interest in joining! I sincerely appreciate it!Like I said to Lonna90, please enjoy your holidays, no need to apply right away, I don't make decisions until I review all applications. Happy holidays!