Honeycomb- The App that Has Parents Backs Is Seeking Preschools/Elementary Classes to Pilot

For all your busy working parents with school aged children, I have a tech soultion tip that has been a GAME CHANGER for our family!

Our school discovered the Honeycomb app and it's been a great addition to our workflow of managing life with 3 school aged kids. Finally a tech solution that helps busy parents (including Dads) communicate with other parents in your kids class, coordinate events, share those field trip photos all in one place, and more. The app has also created HUGE efficiencies for our PTA president and room parents.

Honeycomb is FREE and looking for additional preschool/elementary school classes to onboard/pilot. If you are an overwhelmed busy working parent (or are a room parent/part of the PTA), and are looking for solutions to make managing school aged children easier (and all the logisitcs that go into it), feel free to get started here or reach out for an intro to the founders. I met them (x Airbnb & X Dropbox) when I helped implement it at our school (San Carlos, CA) and they are doing really important work in the #famtech space! [email protected]

YAY love to see it! I used to be at moxxie and we backed honeycomb!
Oh no way, @iynna....small world! Chloe and Ramesh are SO great!!