Keep getting rejected after 3 years of not working

Hi, I was working as a hotel manager for a couple years before losing my job during COVID. At which point I returned to Canada and tried working as Assistant Manager for a hotel in Canada. This was the first job I was fired from. After that I went on to finally get my dream job as an HR Generalist but after a month the company decided to outsource it's HR. The company had enrolled me in school to get my Certificate in HR Management so while COVID raged on I decided to obtain the certificate on my own. I would like to stay in HR but I have since moved to France so that will be more difficult here until I establish myself in a company. I am currently looking for administrative positions but I keep getting rejected in both french and English speaking offices. Is the transition from hotel to administration to far? I've had my resume reviews 3 times over the past 2 years by HR professionals and I just can't seem to get a break. I try to network on LinkedIn but I don't really like it. I did find a helpful link on here advising what to say when networking but it seems weird to me. I don't know anyone in Paris so it's even more difficult to find a job through networking. I can't believe this is the only way to a job because even the 4 people who have referred me in the past 2 years have not been able to help. Is there anyone out there with work experience that is similar that could help me? I don't know what I'm doing wrong and I'm running out of money quickly.

Hi Bernice - What is it you really want to do - either in admin/HR/etc - in other words, what is your WHY for wanting to do this? It's so important to be clear on this and it's going to be a key to having great conversations to lead you to the job you desire. Don't give up. And if networking is not feeling great to you, can you reframe it, so that instead of asking for help you are OFFERING how you can help an organization and offer to also help the person you reach out to with something they need/want? All the best - Christine
I think choosing a place like Paris to find a job would be challenging. Plus even if you are a fluent French speaker, there’s some bias towards Americans. My suggestion would be to find a US company with an office in Paris that would need HR support. Or work remotely for a US company.Bonnie chance!
There are ways of networking that aren't awkward or too focused on what you can get from another person. Look into volunteer opportunities! Or, are there activities you're interested in for which you could join a team (like a running group or a bookclub). Also, look into professional groups you can join like women in business or something related to the hospitality industry. "Networking" is a lot like making friends as an adult--it can be weird and hard to do so think about what you like to do and make connections that way. Expanding your personal network in Paris will likely expand your professional network there.
Is it possible to volunteer or go to free community things? That is a very quick way to network. It's how I got randomly associated with some really great people. Just make sure you bring an open and good mindset instead of down in the dumps energy. People react to what they feel, remember. <3
I have a few suggestions. Most of it revolves around the fact that if you help others you will be helped in return!- LunchClub - use it to connect with people in HR and just talk. Teach them something (about hospitality?) and learn about HR, HR jobs, etc. I find this network just awesome. I feel like I can give something and get something- Everyone loves freebies - While you are looking for a job, offer to help a starving startup with their HR needs, and voila you have something to put on your resume! If they offer to pay you, even better, otherwise call is advising or they can look into how to hire you legally with little to no pay. However, I don't suggest you do this for long, just enough to raise your confidence level and they see your value so you can ask them for money or find a job. But first focus on helping and learning and the pay, as well as the confidence, will come. I had someone reach out to me and offer to help my business as an HR intern and later they put it on their resume and I was also their reference. I know I helped them with their career and now we are friends and they helped with my daughter's job search in return. win-win-win!
Hi @bernicewelacky, if you're having any challenges with job searching, here are a few job search best practices I'd consider:- Determine what support system you have in place to help you be effective throughout your job search -- Most people feel they have to go it alone and end up guessing where to spend their time versus leveraging a coach, mentor, peer or other tools and resources to be strategic- Most importantly is understanding how/where to spend your time wisely -- its not all about the online apps but networking is a critical component, as well as balancing some time for other key activities in job search (virtual events, thought leadership, research, reflection, etc)- Determine your accountability plan to make sure you're staying on top of your goals & staying organized- Reflect on how things are going on a weekly basis to iterate & improve your approach and thus your outcomes-Be sure not to approach the job in a transactional, check-the-box sort of way -- see networking and interviews as a mirror into the job you would land and an opportunity for two-way assessment of fit- Consider how many roles/industries you're applying to-- this may be a sign that you'd want to take a step back and pursue career exploration to clarify your ideal fit direction; career clarity will help make your search more efficient, targeted, and effective- Don't ignore your self care to ensure your mindset is staying resilient during your search Additionally, I’m linking a blog on the exercises you can do each week to reflect and assess your job search so that you can strengthen your approach to more efficiently landing a fitting role —, I’m Rachel, a Career Coach. I’d be happy to discuss this further if you want to hop on a call -- check my profile for how to book time with me. I’m here to help! Talk soon!