Looking for women to inspire teenagers to go after their dreams and ambitionshttps://idialogue.com

Hi @MariePoltorak! I would love to partner with you and help out. I have a similar platform that we just launched, https://www.IvyBlum.com that provides leadership and career advancement content in bit size tidbits. Feel free to check it out and subscribe.
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@MariePoltorak. Awesome πŸ”₯You can contact @Prat. She’s an inspiring womxn
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@MaryQueen πŸ™! @MariePoltorak, would love to bring my contribution
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Check out these two awesome organizations that might be able to connect you with women in their communities: - https://hackergal.org/ - https://technovationchallenge.org/
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I'd love to contribute @MariePoltorak; what you do is very close to my own personal mission of empowering people, especially young ones!
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I am in! I run a FinTech in London - bartcredit.com.
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Hello I’d be delighted to help.
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I would love to contribute and have previously given a similar talk. I will send you a DM to further discuss :)
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I would love to help too πŸ˜€. I am Senegalese and currently working as a Software Engineer in a tech company.
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I’d be interested!