Any advice on applying for startup jobs?

i really wanna work at a startup. i'm tired of the corporate world but the job search is so competitive :( any advice?
Some advice I've given to a few people who were in similar situations. Some traits to emphasize and find examples from your previous work to support:flexibility - startups are constantly changing as well as your role and workscrappiness/creativity - you may not have all the resources at your disposal that a larger company has (you might not have software to do something or the ability to buy a report or hire a consultant), so being able to figure out a way to do something with limited resources or guidance is importantinitiative - taking on things that aren't necessarily in your job description, helping other teams, and always thinking of new ways to improve.learning mindset - there may be some prerequisites you have to meet for the job, but startups are often looking for potential over lots and lots of qualifications and want people who continuously learn.These are just based on my experiences in medium size startups and could certainly be different at different stages and company cultures.
thank you for this! are medium sized startups also pickier with their hiring? because i know the bigger startups are much harder to get into
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If you haven't already, you can always fill out the form at the top of Elpha's Partners Job Board where it says "tell us about you" so we could keep an eye out for roles that may suit you!
nope i actually haven't. thank you!!! i'll check this out ☺️
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Think a lot about the workplace you want to go to -- Malorie had some really good tips for thinking about how the work and workplace could be different. At a startup you'd have more influence over choices that get made and the culture the company is building, so in interviews I'd recommend asking a balance of weedsy and social questions. This list of "reverse interview" questions helped me a LOT in my latest job search: (the questions apply to startups and non-startups alike!)
this is really helpful! thank you so much! ☺️
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Depending on the stage of startup you're looking to work at, it can either be quite easy or pretty difficult to land a job in one. Early-stage startups have the advantage of their desperation to find qualified employees, but the disadvantage of a lower wage and lots of long hours; meanwhile mid-stage startups that have some funding are usually looking for more specialized, senior roles as they're required to grow quickly to please investors, which means those jobs are more competitive due to their pickiness & limited positions (compared to larger corps).As you narrow in on what kind of startup stage you're looking for, I recommend hooking into startup accelerator communities (Techstars, any of the startup/entrepreneurial programs at universities, YCombinator, MassChallenge etc) on slack/discord/linkedin and take a look at the companies in both current and past programs for job openings (or just reach out directly to a company you find interesting and see if they could use someone like you!). also is a jobs site specifically for startups, so maybe you'll find luck there as well.What kind of position & industry are you looking for? I may know some companies you can reach out to specifically!
wow these are some really good points to consider. thank you!right now i'm a business analyst but i would like to transition into a startup setup
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Feel free to DM me - we may be looking for a business analyst in the next couple of months and I'm curious to hear what you're looking to do at a startup if you were to transition.
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Please send me a DM! I'm looking to expand my team and would be interested in chatting more.