MBA Application Essay Feedback

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Hi Drashti! I don't qualify for a "been there, done that" eye but happy to review and give thoughts if you want! LMK, you can send me a private message.
Depending on where you are applying, some schools have established a buddy system where you can get matched with a current student who can mentor you through the process which includes reviewing letter e.g Ross or Wharton are also offering coffee chats. Good luck - you got this!
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Hey @drashtishah, Me and my husband applied to 15+ US B-schools and were able to manage invites from MIT Sloan, Tuck and Booth among others such as ISB and Ross. Happy to share my inputs. Please reach out at Linkedin handle: the best!
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I'm at Stanford GSB right now and I've applied successfully to several other top programs - send me a private message if I can still help! Anca