Have you ever failed to achieve your goals?

I was struggling with my personal goals. Also I’ve seen how my friends, colleagues, and people around failed to achieve theirs. So I turned to statistics and found out that only 8% reach their new year’s resolutions. Most people give up by the second week of January.

Also one third of my 10 years of experience in marketing I was working in EdTech for adults, and a half yield to the end of the course is considered good.

So we buy courses and gym memberships, want to lose weight, earn more, begin to learn Spanish and write a book, but… never finish.

Looking deep into this problem there are 2 things:

1. We fail to succeed due to the lack of support, motivation and a clear plan.

2. Or even set wrong goals, imposed by parents, friends, society etc.

So we suffer from low self-esteem, depression, and do not live the life we want.

When I started an online project in pandemic I found out in practice that firstly, it’s not easy to find somebody in your inner circle with a similar goal, and secondly, a goal partner really helps to achieve goals faster and more efficiently.

The research has confirmed that if you have a commitment with someone and report back, the chance of success goes up to 68%. That’s incredible!

So I’ve decided to created a platform based on behavioral psychology, neuroscience and coaching which matches you with a goal parnter and helps to achieve your goals faster and easier.

That’s how the GoalMate was born.