Gratitude shout-outs to the Elphas who have helped you the most this year ♥️

As we reflect on 2023, we’d love to invite you all to give a shout-out to the Elpha(s) you appreciate who have been helpful to you this year.

It could be anything – someone giving you some good advice, making you laugh on a hard day, giving you feedback on your product, helping you ace an interview, supporting you in your job search, or something else. Now's your chance to say thank you!

Leave a comment below, @ mention the Elpha(s) to tag them in this post and share the story of how they helped you. If you get tagged by someone, pay it forward and post about someone who helped you.

Let's wrap up the year with some positivity. ❤️

I'll kick it off :) Thank you @iynna, @teresaman and @HeatherZweig for your support this year <3. You've given me great life and career advice as well as feedback on my drafts 😄 and thank you to @cadran for being such an incredible boss and being so supportive in both my career and life choices ♥️Elpha wouldn't be the safe, warm, and supportive place it is without you! ✨@rominariedel and @jessicaaerdman, thank you for coming to the BA meetup! It was so nice to meet you and I got a lot of great recommendations from you two. Hopefully we can meet up again in the new year! Excited to take you up on doing a day of coworking ☺️
Love you @Josefina 🥺😭 feel so grateful and lucky af i get to work with you and the amazing elpha team ♥️
Thank you @Josefina! Let's def do some coworking in Bs As in 2024 :)
Love this thread! I'll start with:- @sophiefurman for the beautiful postcard and illustrations shared with me 💌- The elpha team of community managers @brianarani @Naomi @MichelleFuentes @iynna for keeping our community thriving and welcoming to all of our members- @Josefina for all the light she brings to our Elpha meetings, the amazing resources she's written for the community and the quality conversations we've had from the office hours she's curated week after week!- @cadran for, without exaggeration, all of the support💖 thankful to be in this wonderful community!
Aw thanks so, so much, Teresa, that really means a lot!! :)
Thank you @DeeA for a thoughtful conversation about UX and for sharing so openly! I really appreciated it :)
Love this!
Love this @Josefina! Very grateful for the community team -- YOU and @iynna and @teresaman and @brianarani and @MichelleFuentes for your thoughtful support and creativity! And of course, to all of the Elphas that are browsing, thinking, replying, getting engaged and sharing their heart, thoughts, and opinions to a group of not-so-strangers :)