Looking for collaborators for a clean beauty robotics brand

Hello! I'm the founder of Yateou, a sustainable clean beauty robotics brand creating haircare, skincare and aromatherapy oils that are 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. We are a unique solution to the lack of safe and inclusive personal care products and our incorporation of "ADE" our patent pending robotic oil bartender is the first of it's kind for the beauty and wellness industries. We are more than our products, centered around inclusive community, innovation and self-care, we are a social enterprise empowering consumers to be the best versions of themselves. This summer, we are launching our curated wellness events (ex. yoga + essential oils, DIY personal care workshops, self-care picnic etc) in the Bay Area. We are looking for local yoga/fitness instructors, life coaches, wellness and self-care gurus to partner with for these events. Also looking for local event planners! If interested, please reach out via Instagram @yateou or by email: [email protected]
That looks so exciting! I love fitness but not a fitness instructor sadly.However tagging @katenolan who is at Orangetheory, perhaps she knows of people in the Bay area? @WenlinT is NOT in the Bay but again maybe someone you want to work with in the future?@KQ and @PollyW just advertised her program
Thank you for the response @iynna!