How I Transitioned from Startup Founder to Product ManagerFeatured

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I appreciate you writing up & sharing this with us. I'm actually about to start this process. I'm using Dec to figure out a game plan for Jan.I'm debating between product or developer relations. Product could leverage my founder exp while my founder/dev exp would fit dev relations.Either way, your tips are helpful & practical for any role or industry. Thanks again!
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Hi @helengriffinjr, I wish you all the best on your transition! If you wind up interested in transitioning into Product, I'm publishing a book soon, an expanded version of this post. Check it out at
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Thanks a lot @hannahyang for sharing your transition journey. I'm thinking of a similar transition, but more towards a development role. The tips you'd listed was to the point, and could be applied to other roles too as @helengriffinjr mentioned.Thanks again for sharing!
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Hi @Sambhavi, thank you so much. It's great to know that this applies to other roles too :). I wish you all the best!
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Thank you for sharing your valuable experience, Hannah! Can I ask - what happened to your company during that time? Has the bootstrapping paid off?
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Hi @ewelina, we worked on our business nights and weekend when I was at my full-time PM role. The business ( is doing well. Yes, bootstrapping helped kept it going!
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Thanks so much for sharing this! :)