Searching for Opportunities in Dubai: Seeking Your Advice

Hey everyone! Hope you're doing well!

I recently arrived in Dubai a couple days ago. Hoping to make new connections in this exciting city! In addition to making new connections, I am also searching for job opportunities in Dubai, and I thought elpha community might be able to lend a hand. I've heard that networking is key here (and everywhere:), and I can't think of any community I'd rather reach out.

To give a little more background about myself: I graduate from Watson Institute with a major in social entrepreneurship. I've worked in different non-profit organizations including Creatella Impact, Advocates of Silenced Turkey, and Kyrgyz Global. I've been learning to program (my tech stack includes JS, MongoDB, HTML, CSS, and React). I've also had an opportunity to work at Premier Virtual, a tech startup that provides a platform for organizations to host virtual hiring events, as a Marketing Assistant, I was mainly responsible for their social media presence and designs. Recently, I started a design agency, Design Flow, for career organizations.

Since I'm new to Dubai, I'm hoping to meet new people who can help me navigate the job market. I'd be so grateful for any advice, tips, or introductions you might have to offer (in the comments or dm). Thanks for taking the time to read this loooong message. I really hope we can connect!

Welcome to elpha, Regina! Great to meet you :) What sorts of roles are you looking for / projects to take on??