Lead Generation Success Stories To Inspire Your 2022 Strategy

People don’t buy things, they buy the expected results of the things we sell. For example, no one wants to buy a coaching program, copywriting, computer, etc. What people want to buy is the ability to make better decisions, attract sales-ready leads and email loved ones, or surf the web. The things we offer are meaningless until they do something valued by the buyer.

Attracting sales-ready leads and closing sales opportunities isn’t about the list of benefits we claim via our products or services. It’s about the specific results we deliver that are valued enough to be purchased. It’s more about the situational experience and success we can demonstrate that the stated benefits we claim.

Ideally presented, success stories tell the exacting story of a specific customer challenge or opportunity your product or service fixed or enabled. Success stories strike at the key buying criteria of all prospective customers: What can you do for me?

This is why today we are going to look at some lead generation success stories in order to inspire your own lead generation strategy for 2022.

Analytics Leader Grows with Callbox ABM Campaign

Our client for this ABM campaign is a major player in the Software Industry wherein they provide information and analytics for professional business customers across industries in more than 180 countries around the globe.

Part of our client’s mission is to provide customers with solutions and decision tools that combine public and industry-specific content with advanced technology and analytics to assist them in evaluating and predicting risks as well as enhancing operational efficiency. All this made them a leading provider of essential information to help their customers across industry and government assess, predict and manage risk. However, their seamless flow was disrupted by the global pandemic.

This is where Callbox stepped in and helped them design an annual Account-Based Marketing Lead Generation and Appointment Setting Campaign package. The goal was to promote two different products in separate target locations, reach out to prospects who have downloaded the whitepaper from the Client’s website, uncover their pain points, set appointments for the Client’s consultants with qualified prospects, and finally run and manage a webinar.

As a result. The analytics leader has been working with Callbox for five years now. They’ve been leveraging multi-channel marketing which constantly brings them great campaign results and steady sales. After its 17th month with Callbox, they have produced a total of 155 Sales Qualified Leads, 230 Requests for Information, and 468 Social Media connections.

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Supply Chain Company Gains New Software Sales Leads

A US-based supply chain solutions company was preparing to launch a new software product and was in dire need of business sales leads. However, their internal sales team was not large enough to handle the time-consuming tasks of finding and qualifying potential customers. Despite the steady success they get from their inbound marketing efforts, they weren’t generating enough new business leads to feed the internal sales team. The company decided that it was time to incorporate outbound prospecting into the marketing mix.

Responding to the quickly approaching launch deadline, the company formed a team of outbound SDRs, and trained and educated them on the technology, product benefits, and industry applications necessary to engage prospects. They also made sure that they cover outside business hours by assigning 2 shifts of teams which allowed them to work across time zones, conduct the appropriate research, and communicate with target companies (within the US and outside the US) and relevant contacts.

The outbound lead generation strategy was a success. The company was able to increase the volume of leads that are handed off to sales which translated into more sales.

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Healthcare Firm Drives Online Leads

A company that provides healthcare services across the U.S. was looking to build more website traffic and generate quality leads. The company understood that even with something as cecsonal as healthcare, people are going online first to find a care provider who understands their needs.

The marketing team created a custom content marketing strategy for the company’s target audience that acts as a guide, bringing patients the answers they’re looking for online to the providers who can give them the care they need. And through this approach, they’re helping the brand reach that goal – one diagnostic test and appointment request at a time.

They saw that the news content they created for the website was generating 170 percent more conversions quarter over quarter.

And while the net number of conversions contributes to the sales pipeline is lower than the website as a whole (news readers account for 10 percent of all traffic on the website, the conversion rate is actually 3 times higher). Visitors who come to the site and read the news content are 3x more likely to get in touch with the company and become a customer.

The articles attracted readers with relevant information, and the site promised to help them determine what kind of care they need. This one-two punch gives readers an easy way to satisfy their curiosity and also provides a next step that visitors can easily take.

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Global Logistics Firm Earns Big Success through ABM Campaign

The Client is a road, rail, sea, air, and warehouse transportation and logistics corporation based in Australia.

The Client is enthusiastic about Asia Pacific’s significant commercial expansion in the retail and healthcare areas. In addition, they think that by establishing more offices and warehouses in the region, they would be able to tap into new market prospects and offer more clients cutting-edge logistic services. They’ll need to buy a fresh database and outsource lead creation to a suitable company to achieve their objectives.

Due to the substantial contact repository and comprehensive multi-channel marketing strategy of Callbox’s platform, the Client signed up for an Account-based Marketing Lead Generation & Appointment Setting campaign that comprised Multi-Channel Lead Management (Voice, Email, Chat, Webinar, and Social Media). Sales Enablement & Support, as well as tools and subscriptions to Callbox Pipeline and HubSpot CRM, were also included.

The lead generation and appointment setting campaign delivered results beyond the client’s expectation on all fronts including sales qualified leads, brand new potential leads, and even more callbacks.

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