Business Insider published my pitch deck framework; sharing in case it's helpful!

Hello everyone! Haven't posted in a while but wanted to share this article Business Insider published detailing my model for the 10 most important elements of a startup pitch deck. This model is backed by VCs and angel investors and includes real examples from founders including the amazing @quinneyeQ, @mal, and @annawestern. Happy to answer any burning pitch related questions you might have! :)
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Congrats on having this featured on BI and sharing it here! :)
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Thanks, @teresaman!
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That's excellent Allison!@JennaMiller you might be interested in this!
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Fantastic! Thank you!
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@JennaMiller happy to help if you're working on a pitch deck.
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That would be amazing! I'm working on a new version based on some feedback && your extremely helpful framework. I'll message you once it's finished!
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Sending you a DM!
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That's awesome, congrats @allisonbyers. I would love to see the framework as I'm working on my pitch deck. Unfortunately it is behind a paywall :(
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Sorry about that! You can find a PDF version here: