Intro to Angel Investing on August 22 (free webinar)

Tuesday, August 22nd, 2pm MT

The inequity in the funding landscape is vast. Less than 2% of Venture Capital funding goes towards women-owned businesses, and that number drops below 1% when we’re talking about Black women-owned businesses. Only 14% of private company board seats are held by women. And a mere $0.43 is earned by women for every dollar owned by men.

By offering education and access to investing concepts, community, and opportunity, we at She’s Independent believe we can make investing work better for more people and empower a more equitable future for women.

Angel Investing, just one way to invest your money, offers benefits such as ownership, participation, liquidity, and more. We believe in the power of investing as an angel to build skills, level up in your career and life, and transform your mindset around money.

Join our free Intro to Angel webinar to learn about the basics of Angel Investing, from terminology to timelines, and walk away with a foundational level of understanding about how to get started on your Angel Investing journey!

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